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When is DAY6's YoungK dropping his solo album? Fans hope to get 'real taste' of his music

YoungK is the first DAY6 member to have a solo debut set to release in September after which he will enlist in the military
UPDATED AUG 16, 2021
Day6's YoungK to gearing up to release his solo album (@from_youngk/Instagram)
Day6's YoungK to gearing up to release his solo album (@from_youngk/Instagram)

DAY6’s YoungK is just one of the many idols going solo this year. We previously had EXO’s D.O.’s iconic solo debut with ‘Rose’ and expectations are high for Blackpink Lisa’s debut. And it looks like YoungK is also joining the solo lineup. While member Jae has been releasing solo tracks, we’ve not seen any of the DAY6 members have an official solo debut with proper promotions. Hence, fans are excited for YoungK who will be the first member to go solo.

DAY6 has been busy this year. In January, their sub-unit Even of Day which YoungK is a part of, released ‘So, This Is Love’ as part of the music show ‘Secret Atelier’. They then had their first online concert titled ‘Online Party Night’. A month later, it was announced that the whole group would be coming back with their seventh EP ‘The Book of Us: Negentropy’ which was released in April.

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YoungK to go solo

Even of Day again came back in July with their second EP ‘Right Through Me’ which was positively received worldwide. Along with these comebacks, YoungK has also been collaborating with the likes of Thai singer Stamp and Filipino band Ben&Ben. He is also a regular DJ for the daily radio show ‘Kiss The Radio’. Fans were pleasantly surprised that the idol had time to prepare for a solo album in the midst of his busy schedule.

News agencies reported that a spokesperson had claimed the solo album would be released in September. Regarding this, YoungK’s agency, JYP Entertainment announced that while it is confirmed that the DAY6 member is preparing a solo album, no release date or schedule has been determined. They will announce the dates once the schedule is confirmed.

It should be noted that DAY6 is different from other K-pop groups. They are actually a band that is traditionally more widely seen in the West than groups. YoungK plays the bass guitar for DAY6. Additionally, he also raps and sings and has made several songs for them, as well as other K-pop acts. In fact, he has more than 139 songs under his name. He’s made songs for the likes of UP10TION, GOT7 and Eric Nam. 

It has been reported that he will be writing most of his songs for his solo album. YoungK explained that he wants to be a singer whose songs will resonate with many people easily. He was overwhelmed by the response to his solo debut news that he wrote a message to My Days thanking them and saying that he loves them. He also went live and announced that his military enlistment will begin after the debut, on October 12th with him joining KATUSA. 


'A fever dream'

Fans were hyped up as they trended YoungK on Twitter. One fan brought back his trainee days as a dancer and tweeted, “Youngk is probably the day6 member who was most likely to debut in a typical idol group, right? so curious as to what the mv and comeback stages will look like.” Another fan couldn’t believe that they were getting an album wholly for YoungK, “Youngk solo album means all 5-7 songs with just his vocals, the mv screen time is all him, all parts & lines him, photo cards & posters with just his face… a whole photo album with just him???? this is like a fever dream.”

One added, “I hope we could see Young K's individual color and his real taste of music. Although he writes a lot for Day6, he's still in a team and he might have less chance to show his personal taste and I think this is such a nice chance to finally discovered YoungK's true self.” Another joked that fans will finally get YoungK photocards for this album since it’s difficult to get his in the normal DAY6 albums, “Youngk stans are lucky this time yall will be getting youngk set for their album pulls congratulations.”