EXO D.O.'s 'Rose' gets him his 1st solo music show win, fans say ‘what a king’

Despite no promotion, EXO's D.O. got his first music show win for his solo album's lead single 'Rose'

                            EXO D.O.'s 'Rose' gets him his 1st solo music show win, fans say ‘what a king’
D.O. gets his first solo win (@weareoneEXO/Twitter)

EXO-Ls were over the moon when it was announced that D.O. would be the latest EXO member to have a solo debut. The K-pop idol released his first mini-album titled ‘Empathy’ with ‘Rose’ as the title track on July 26. It was received with much pomp and fanfare as it topped several charts worldwide like iTunes and MelON. It also received a gold certification from QQ Music within 15 minutes of the release.

Known for his powerful vocals and heartwrenching ballads, D.O. exceeded expectations with the summery and upbeat album full of soulful and mellow tracks. But not much was prepared by SM Entertainment to promote the album which peeved EXO-Ls. Along with that, unfortunately, most music shows were on hiatus since their broadcasting channels were focusing on airing the Tokyo Olympics. But that did not stop D.O. from getting a win.


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D.O. gets his first solo win (@weareoneEXO/Twitter)

EXO’s D.O. gets his 1st solo music show win

It is no exaggeration when one says that music shows play a very important role in the K-pop industry. Artists promote their releases by performing on music shows which are watched by fans, as well as the general public. Along with that, good-natured competitions are held with certain criteria and acts that are eligible are nominated for that week. The one with the most points wins. These points are tallied by looking at sales, streaming and fan votes. But D.O. has not performed in any music shows yet partly because they’ve been cancelled for the Olympics.

With several music shows also cancelling tracking and tallying the current releases’ points, it is quite difficult to get a music show win at the moment. However, that did not stop fans from helping D.O. secure his first win. It had been announced in July that KBS’ ‘Music Bank’ had been cancelled on July 30 and August 6. But they were still keeping track of the points for some of the criteria. And D.O. ended up winning with ‘Rose’ on August 6 on ‘Music Bank’ with 6546 points.

This news comes after it was revealed that Xiumin had been diagnosed with Covid-19 on August 5 which is also EXO-Ls’ birthday. The other members and staff had tested negative but were in self-quarantine. To cheer up the members of EXO, fans helped D.O. win and helped secure an NYC Times Square birthday ad for Chen on his birthday.

Watch the music video for ‘Rose’ below.


'How powerful'

To celebrate, fans trended ‘#DO1stWin’ on Twitter. One fan pointed out how they won despite all the odds, “Replace the "11 days" with "0 promo" D.O.'s Rose 1st place in Music Bank today!” Another fan tweeted, “It's his first win as a soloist congrats bb!” EXO-Ls were also shocked with D.O. and their own influence as they tweeted, “Imagine Rose doesn't have ANY SINGLE promotion but still managed to win on Music Shows. This shows how powerful his fans are.” Another tweeted, “To think that Kyungsoo did this among the whole list of strong competitors and that also with ZERO promo it’s WILDDD.” One tweeted, “D.O took only 11  days to win his 1st trophy as a soloist without any single promotion What a king.”