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DAY6’s Sungjin has fun with his two personas as he interacts with Dowoon amid military service

Even though DAY6's leader Sungjin is in the military at the moment, he tweeted to the youngest member Dowoon leading to a wholesome interaction
DAY6's Sungjin and Dowoon had a wholesome interaction on Twitter (@jypnation/Twitter)
DAY6's Sungjin and Dowoon had a wholesome interaction on Twitter (@jypnation/Twitter)

While K-pop band DAY6 had a full comeback in April, their leader Sungjin had enlisted for his mandatory military service in March. Even though he had pre-recorded everything for the album ‘The Book of Us: Negentropy’, he could not participate in any promotions.

So, the rest of the members also decided to not have any promotional activities for the comeback. Looks like they do seem to be missing their leader.

While Sungjin is in the military he has to go on a temporary hiatus and cannot participate in any of the activities of DAY6. However, several idols who enlist do get a chance to take part in military musicals, as well as the military band, along with their comrades. Apart from that, those who are in the military are not totally cut off from the outside world. They’re allowed to take holidays and also earn phone privileges where they can access the internet like Twitter for a while. This is how Sungjin was able to come on Twitter and interact with his fellow band members, leaving their fans all weak-kneed.


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Sungjin interacts with Dowoon on Twitter

Sungjin, in fact, opened a second Twitter account in April, a month after enlisting. He was pretty active for a while, responding to his DAY6 member Jae’s tweets and updating his fans. He disappeared last month only to come back in full force on Saturday by replying to weeks old tweet of the youngest member Dowoon. Tagging Sungjin’s first Twitter account, Dowoon had asked if he was eating well. In a hilarious reply, Sungjin asked who Dowoon had tagged and not to worry about his meals since he was eating a lot.


There’s an inside joke that Sungjin has two personas - one of 'Bob Sungjin' of DAY6 and one of the original 'Sungjin'. The first account that Dowoon tagged was of Bob Sungjin while the leader responded through his second Twitter account, that of just Sungjin. So, Sungjin tweeted a second response on behalf of Bob Sungjin and stated that he was eating well too. Dowoon immediately replied making him wonder how bored the youngest member must be to be so active on Twitter.

Dowoon replied that he was in the middle of band practise but without him, hinting that he missed Sungjin. At this wholesome interaction, My Days took to Twitter to trend Sungjin as they couldn’t get over it. 


‘Best thing that ever happened’

One fan tweeted, “Literally mydays right now:.” Due to the confusing personas of Sungjin, a fan brought back the incident where a soldier thought Sungjin was an ordinary person and asked him to help him look for the idol that was in the same centre, “Sungjin with his multiple identities no wonder he joined his comrades to find an idol in the army and no one noticed it’s HIM.” One fan tweeted, “Best thing that ever happened today i miss you so much, Sungjin. thank you for coming back here. pls pls pls always be well.”

Another tweeted, “My Days after Dowoon’s tweet about Sungjin My Days after Sungjin’s reply to Dowoon.” One tweeted, “Dowoon replying to sungjin in the middle of band practice means sungjin >>>>>>> band practice, exactly.” Another tweeted, “We have Young K with his Young D concept and Sungjin with his Bob Sungjin concept they’re rly serious about separating the two personas lol.”