GOT7's Mark Tuan challenges gender norms by modeling in skirts, fans say 'he is the moment'

Mark Tuan dons a skirt as he models for French brand Celine in the latest issue of GQ China

                            GOT7's Mark Tuan challenges gender norms by modeling in skirts, fans say 'he is the moment'
Mark dons a skirt for GQ China (@marktuan/Instagram, @withyoumarktuan/Twitter)

GOT7’s Mark Tuan has been dabbling in everything possible ever since he became a free agent. His group left their previous agency JYP Entertainment and have been focusing on their solo careers for the year 2021. And Mark has done everything from launching his own company to becoming a Twitch gaming streamer. He also signed with Creative Artists Agency that houses Beyonce and Harry Styles. And now he’s modeling for brands like Celine.

Mark previously left Ahgase Twitter in a frenzy by modeling for LA-based photographer Amy Lee where he appeared shirtless. He’s also appeared in several magazines whether it is on the cover or inside. Ahgases have been left stunned by the amount of modeling content as GOT7 appeared in more than 40 magazines in just seven months. While we did get news that Mark is shooting for his solo music video, he is now appearing on GQ magazine.

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Mark Tuan wears a skirt for GQ China

Looks like GQ has a soft spot for the GOT7 members as we’ve had the likes of Bambam, Jinyoung and Jay B appear in back-to-back issues. In fact, Jackson was in the July issue of GQ China. And now for the August issue of GQ China, we have Mark. But it is quite different from the previous appearances. Rather than shooting as a K-pop idol and having interviews with the magazines, Mark has been roped in as a model for the French fashion house Celine.

No announcement about his appearance had been made and so a fan’s sister who bought the August issue for other reasons was pleasantly surprised to suddenly see Mark. She immediately alerted her Ahgase sibling who circulated the photos on social media platforms. It looks like Mark is also getting into modeling and fans couldn’t be happier.



Along with that, some of the outfits have caused a stir. For years now, the world has seen K-pop as effeminate which many consider to be negative. However, a lot of male K-pop idols are challenging this toxic masculinity through their choice of music and fashion. And Mark is just the latest of idols to be sporting a skirt in the GQ photos. While some are not impressed with this bare minimum activity, K-pop fans know that many idols have been an advocate of LGBT+ and women empowerment and challenged gender norms through their actions. And fashion is just one of the many outlets chosen.

'Mark Tuan supremacy'

Mark was seen sporting Celine’s Fall Menswear 2021 collection in the GQ photospread. Fans were impressed with his modeling prowess and ended up trending Mark Tuan on Twitter. Bringing back his recent modeling photos, a fan simply stated, “MARK TUAN DID THAT.” This is also not the first time that he has worn a kilt or skirt as another Ahgase reminded everyone, “Let's talk about Mark Tuan in skirts.”




Fans bragged about the photoshoot with tweets like, “I BELIEVE IN MARK TUAN SUPREMACY,” and “Mark tuan for celine on GQ august 2021 issue DAMN he's ending every model's career again.” Another fan pointed out how this was a feather in his cap, “That photoshoot not really being announced and his name only kinda being associated with it means that he’s literally working that job because he is a MODEL and not just because he’s Mark Tuan. Like he is truly a fashion model.” One posted, “HE IS THE MOMENT EVERYONE, MARK TUAN IS THE MOMENT.”