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'You' Season 3 Fan Review: 'Nut job' Love blamed as Joe fails to turn over new leaf

Fans of 'You' are bombing the internet with questions and opinions on the psychotic drama thriller, as they hope to see a Season 4
A still from the series 'You' (IMDb)
A still from the series 'You' (IMDb)

Netflix recently dropped Season 3 of 'You' on October 15, 2021. Needless to say, fans couldn't get enough of Love's charm, before she outdid herself and murdered someone (lol!). We thought (thanks to the last episode of the previous season) that if and when the series sees a Season 3, Joe will give up his deadly obsessions since he's a soon-to-be father. But alas, the closing moments show Joe creeping onto his sunbathing, face-hidden and journaling neighbor.

With a dynamic duo as psychotic as Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg, Netflix's Season 3 for 'You' is anything but tame. If you've binge-watched the new episodes of the season, you might agree that the series should be renamed 'Red Flags', since every second is filled with them.


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It seems like Season 3 of 'You' has had fans lose their minds. Here's what they had to say about the latest episodes. A fan said, "damn, they didn’t waste anytime getting to the killing this season #YouNetflix", while another shared, "Baby I binged #YouNetflix yesterday and that damn Love ass is a whole nut job". "Joe trying to turn a new leaf and Love keep pulling him back with her foolishness #YOUSEASON3 #YouNetflix", tweeted a fan while another said, "Strive to be as good as Joe from #YouNetflix at OSINT. That dude can find anything about anyone online… #CyberSecurity #infosec". 




A recent tweet read, "Producers woke as hell this season huh? #YouNetflix", while another said, "Can’t wait for the next season, I’m really curious. #YouNetflix".

Another added, "I'm so scared to binge watch "You" all the way because (depending how this one ends) I don't wanna have to wait forever for another new season lol #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3". Fans also compared the relative psychoticness of the two main leads. One fan of the show tweeted, "#YouNetflix it’s how both of them kept blaming each other when they’re both psychopaths". "therapist: “you are many things, but you’re not murderers!” joe & love: #YouNetflix", said one tweet!