'You' Ending Explained: Will Joe becoming Nick be the end of nail-biting thriller?

While Love and Joe continue to clean up each other's messes, one wins over the other. But at what cost?

                            'You' Ending Explained: Will Joe becoming Nick be the end of nail-biting thriller?
A still from the series 'You' (IMDb)

To be honest, Netflix's 'You' is definitely not a series for easy predictions! Every episode leaves you wondering with "What just happened?" or the possible "Really, Joe? Take a hike!". Season 3 of 'You' sees Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn as new parents to baby boy Henry. You'd think that their psycho minds are finally at rest, but oh well, you're in for a world of surprises!

To start off, the creepy stalker and part-time killers (yes, plural!) are back for another season of 'You'. You'd think that starting a family and parenthood in itself would be challenging enough, but no, this couple gets their adrenaline from keeping secrets and hiding bodies, or so it seems. The newest season of the psychotic drama thriller dropped on Netflix in October 2021. From the moment Joe first spotted his new neighbor journaling during the last moments of Season 2, it was self-explanatory; he had found his new obsession. Seriously, Joe? You're about to be a father!


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Netflix's popular thriller is now available to stream in its entirety, packed with 10 long episodes of solid storyline, and secretly having your patience tested by the dangerous couple. 

Our man Joe finds himself getting extremely close to the so-called "crazy" woman Natalie, who happens to be their neighbor. Knowing well that Joe has possible withdrawal symptoms and that old habits die hard, a fire is sparked between the two, with the latter being a deeply dissatisfied wife of tech-savvy Matthew, who's away for work on a frequent basis and is so busy that he doesn't seem to notice that his wife is being seduced by the serial killer next door! 

Eventually, Love connects the dots, takes Natalie up on her offer for a workspace, and well, that's the end of the "crazy neighbor". So long, Nat! Long story short, she would've lived to see the daylight if Love wasn't so impulsive but, oh well.

Meanwhile, a string of unfortunate incidents takes place, with both Joe and Love taking turns on a murdering spree. Joe attempts to hide evidence of Ryan's murder, a fitness freak who is Marienne's ex. She has been at her wit's end fighting for custody of their child Juliette. On the other hand, Love is equally busy as she is working on hiding Theo’s death. It's almost as if their marriage was written in the stars, at this point.

Matthew, Natalie's husband, tries to contact Theo, unaware of the horror that has unfurled. Marienne calls Joe to inform him that Ryan is dead, after which both she and Joe confess their love for each other before they agree to leave town after the chaos has died down. It's almost surprising to think that the couple is raising a child, along with their side hustle of extracurricular activities! 

Joe hurriedly gets back to disposing Theo’s body, who is still alive! Instead of killing him right away, Joe drugs him, and sends him to a hospital instead, leaving his memory to be a blur.

During dinner after an eventful day, Joe tells Love that he wants a divorce; what with him planning to go away with Marienne and all. The conversation is interrupted by Henry's sobs, which Love takes care of, but not without coming back to the dinner table with a plan. Our man Joe has read her mind by now and grabs a knife to be safe.

Love's back and it turns out that she had laced the knife with a pralysis-inducing drug. We see a slowly collapsing Joe, with Love stating that had he not touched the knife, he wouldn’t have found himself weak in the knees. Her devious plan was to kill Marienne in front of Joe but decides against it when she sees her daughter Juliette.  

Brace yourselves! Just as Love is about to whack her husband to death, he stabs her with Aconite, while saying that he monitored what she was growing in their garden (which happens to be the jab!) and took an antidote before he touched the knife, just in case the worst would take place.

Love falls to the floor and dies, as Joe tells her that she dug her own grave.

Meanwhile, Joe decides to leave Madre Linda, aware that he will be tailed soon, leaving Henry in the care of Dante. He writes up a “suicide note” signed by Love, in which she confesses to murdering Natalie, Gil, and Ryan. He then cuts off two of his toes before he frames Love for his own “murder” before he burns down their house. 

Following an overall fantastically curated season, 'You' ends perfectly, but again, with cliffhangers and a ton of questions. Where is Marienne and Juliette? Is Henry an orphan? Will he ever know who Nick is? Can't keep calm because there better be a Season 4!

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