Did Yangyang hint at Lucas' return? OT7 WayV fans excited for next Live

K-pop idol Lucas has been on hiatus since mid-2021 ever since he was embroiled in a dating scandal

                            Did Yangyang hint at Lucas' return? OT7 WayV fans excited for next Live
Yangyang mentions that WayV has seven members hinting that Lucas is still a part of the group (Twitter)

With Ten recently confirming that WayV would be having a comeback, fans were wondering if Lucas would be a part of it. The K-pop idol was embroiled in a dating scandal in mid-2021 and had since gone on hiatus. While Lucas' case has yet to be resolved, he did come online once on Instagram to post a picture of the sea before he disappeared once again. While some fans dropped him following the dating scandal, there are others who are hopeful and were further excited when Yangyang confirmed that WayV has seven members. 

NCT star Lucas debuted as the seventh member of their Chinese sub-unit WayV in early 2019. However, in August 2021, four alleged ex-girlfriends claimed that he had dated them, gaslit them, cheated on them, and spent their money. Some fans felt that even sexual assault might have been involved despite it not being mentioned in the original allegations. The label and Lucas simply apologized but neither denied nor verified the accusations which had OT7 WayV fans waiting for him.

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Yangyang indirectly mentions Lucas

On May 11, two WayV members went Live where they indirectly mentioned Lucas. The WayV members are on a Live spree for the past few days and the next to come online were Yangyang and Hendery. They gave several spoilers and hints of their next project which many believe is the group’s comeback. At one point they were joking about getting new cars for themselves like a Bentley, Rolls Royce, or even a Lamborghini.


But since such cars do not have enough space for all of the members, Yangyang said that they would need multiple cars and multiple managers, “Then let’s say the 7 of us, we will need 7 managers for that.” Some fans felt that it had just been a slip of tongue or out of habit that Yangyang said the number seven. But OT7 fans pointed out that had Lucas left WayV, Yangyang would have refrained from mentioning the number of members in the first place.

'We need OT7'

One fan tweeted, “Why antis act like they know Lucas more than yangyang?” Another wished, “BRO IF WAYV TALK SURPRISE TOMORROW IS LUCAS I WILL SCREAM AND CRY OCEANS I MISS HIM SO MUCH WE NEED OT7 COMEBACK.” One said that Yangyang knew what he had said and it wasn’t a mistake, “Before the live I guessed a few things might happen. Either Lucas is on the live or one of the boys mentions the number 7. Welp yy ended up saying 7 and now he is getting attacked. Like do these fans think they know wayv better than the members know each other.”




Another fan made a reaction meme, “Me pretending i don’t care about lucas so he can come back faster.” One fan pointed out, “y'all are sooooo afraid of lucas becoming innocent to the point where y'all would shut up yang yang-ITS A GOOD THING LUCAS DIDN'T COMMIT ANYTHING HE WAS ACCUSED OF COMMITING- WHY DO Y'ALL LOOK LIKE YOU WANT THOSE ALLEGATIONS TO BE TRUE-.” Another said, “The way some are choosing to unstan instead of be like ‘hm, this person actually knows Lucas in real life, lives with him everyday, and probably knows wayyy more about this situation than I do. Maybe there are reasons he still associates himself with him and my opinion is wrong’."




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