NCT 2021 'Universe': Where are Lucas and Winwin? WayV members absent from poster

The large K-pop boy group of 23 is down to 21 members for their third full group comeback NCT 2021 'Universe'

                            NCT 2021 'Universe': Where are Lucas and Winwin? WayV members absent from poster
Only 21 members are seen on poster but Lucas and Winwin are missing (@NCTsmtown/Twitter, @wwiinn_7/Instagram)

As NCT 2021 is finally being announced, we are getting more and more details of the group’s third full comeback. With 23 members counting and probably more to be added, SM has created fixed sub-units which is why fans get excited when all the members from the different sub-units get together once a year. Since two new members, Sungchan and Shotaro, were added to the group in NCT 2020, there were rumors that fans would be getting 28 members for 2021. Unfortunately, the number of members has gone down with Lucas and Winwin from the sub-unit WayV missing!

When SM released the first poster of NCT 2021’s album ‘Universe’, it had gears and machine parts and 'detective' fans tried to look for hints. They thought more members would get added since SM earlier confirmed that they were looking into creating a new sub-unit — NCT Hollywood — with American members. But with the release of the first group teaser of NCT 2021, the members have gone down from 23 to 21 with WayV members Lucas and Winwin being conspicuously absent.


WayV's Winwin to make acting debut with 'The Shadow', fans say 'dreams do come true'

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SM released a poster with 21 members for NCT 2021 'Universe' (@NCTsmtown/Twitter)

Where are Lucas and Winwin?

Lucas debuted with the sub-unit NCT U while Winwin was a part of NCT 127 before SM created the group’s fixed Chinese sub-unit WayV and added them there. While fans knew that the WayV members were set to participate in NCT 2021, they were uncertain about Ten, Winwin and Lucas. Ten was in China for his individual gigs but he pleasantly surprised fans by appearing with green hair on the NCT 2021 poster and confirming his presence. As for Winwin and Lucas, the matter is a bit more complicated and has NCTzens (the fandom) divided.


Winwin lands his first acting project

Winwin has been in China since early 2021, focusing on his individual career. A few months ago, it was reported that he had opened a personal studio that would be managing his acting projects in China. In late October, he landed his first acting project with the Chinese fantasy drama ‘The Shadow’. Fans knew that he would be busy filming for it and so would probably not participate in the full group comeback of NCT. While some fans are sad that he will not be in NCT 2021, others are supporting his acting debut and are happy that he’s branching out.


Lucas on hiatus following dating scandal

As for Lucas, the response to his absence is more warlike. In August, he became subject to several gaslighting and cheating scandals as alleged ex-girlfriends claimed that he had dated them. Both Lucas and the label SM simply apologized while neither accepting nor denying the rumors and the K-pop idol went on a hiatus. Some fans took that as a sign of his guilt and have accepted that he will no longer be a part of NCT. However, other loyal fans investigated and hired a cyber team to debunk the rumors. And so, his absence in NCT 2021 has some rejoicing, some lamenting and others waiting for SM to release an official statement before taking any sides.

'Deserves better'

Lucas and Winwin have been trending ever since SM released the group poster for NCT 2021. A lot of fans were upset that they were not present and made tweets like, “Nctzens are so used to getting additional members that they did not expected that the numbers would decreased this nct 2021…,” “When you realize that Winwin and Lucas won't be in NCT 2021: I hurt,” and “NO WINWIN AND LUCAS ??? FUCK U I'M NOT BUYING THIS SHITS ."




One fan pointed out, “STOP ASKING FOR LUCAS AND WINWIN PLEASE JUST SUPPORT THEM (HIATUS AND ACTING) I KNOW I'M NOT PLEASED WITH 21/23 BUT THEY'RE STILL 21 MEMBERS OUT THERE TO LOVE.” Ten fans on the other hand are happy that he could make it, “Thinking about when did they film this cause ten had orange hair july.... and blonde for paint me naked which was august... and his recent hair color is black... WHEN DID HE CHANGE HIS HAIR TO GREEN HOW MANY SEASONS DID WE MISS.” They also wondered what to expect from the new comeback, “WHAT IF THESE ARE THE NEW UNITS FOR NCT 2021?????”




A Winwin fan shared, “Ya'll can't expect winwin to drop out from his big solo project in china and join nct 2021 and have a 5secs line, he deserves better than that.” Another added, “It's sad that our Winwin can't participate for NCT 2021 , but let's support him for his upcoming drama and be happy for him.” But one NCTzen tweeted, “No lucas & winwin no new member what exactly is the reason why nct2021 has to be pushed this year with all these circumstances?”




One Twitter user had some things to say about the matter, “I wish yall would stfu about winwin and lucas. winwin is doing solo work in china lucas clearly fucked up and doesnt deserve to be there... it's not the end of the world. they do have lifes out of nct.” One wondered what would happen to Lucas if SM never addressed the situation, “So i guess lucas from nct will turn out like a sungmin from super junior. like the fans demanded he leaves, gets put on a hiatus, completely disappears from the group and does his own thing but is still called a member of nct because he's not officially left when really he has.”

One supportive fan added, “I'm still proud of lucas, he had been through a LOT, he might not be part of this cb but i believe that this is a good chance for him to rest. let's stop worrying, he's our superman, he'll comeback for us. :D.” Another commented, “Can sm just speak up for lucas? tell him if he is guilty or not. so that this can finally end and fans will no longer be hanging on what's really happening to him. just give a damn statement, no matter what the end will be, we'll accept it. hoping it aint negative tho.”





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