Is Lucas coming back to NCT? WayV sub-unit song ‘Jalapeno’ leaked

SM's schedule suggests that we are getting a WayV comeback and Lucas x Hendery's 'Jalapeno' official release

                            Is Lucas coming back to NCT? WayV sub-unit song ‘Jalapeno’ leaked
Lucas was put on hiatus right before the release of 'Jalapeno' with Hendery (@lucas_xx444/Instagram)

NCT’s Chinese unit WayV had taken up a new project in mid-2021 which had fans excited. We were getting sub-unit releases from all of the members. One of them happened to be Lucas and Hendery’s ‘Jalapeno’ in August 2021. But right before its release, alleged ex-girlfriends of Lucas popped up on social media. They claimed that he had cheated on them, gaslit them and used them for their money. He and his label SM apologized, with the NCT star going on a hiatus.

Supportive fans pointed out that both Lucas and SM had neither confirmed nor denied the accusations which meant that there was a chance he was innocent. However, we still have yet to get an update on his dating scandal. He was even removed from NCT 2021 and SM Town’s ensemble album. With Lucas being one of the popular idols under SM, some WayV fans believed that he was guilty otherwise SM wouldn’t have kept their artist that often attracts new fans on hiatus.

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Is Lucas rejoining NCT and WayV?

However, the recent turn of events has many wondering if Lucas will be returning to NCT and WayV. A few days ago, the remaining six members of WayV hinted that we would be finally be getting ‘Jalapeno’ which had been postponed indefinitely. On January 11, SM’s schedule for January was leaked. According to it, we are going to get a WayV comeback, Lucas and Hendery’s ‘Jalapeno’, and NCT U’s ‘coNEXTion’. Then on January 13, four days before WayV’s debut anniversary, the performance video of ‘Jalapeno’ got leaked.


Hopeful fans have concluded that with the WayV comeback and ‘Japaleno’ release, it means that Lucas’ scandal might be getting resolved soon with him rejoining his groups. It should also be noted that NCT U is the term for temporary sub-units of NCT. So with Lucas not being able to take part in their full group comeback – NCT 2021 Universe, fans hope that ‘coNEXTion’ is a way for him to still be part of the full group’s activities.

However, there are some NCTzens who side with Lucas' exes and so think that ‘Jalapeno’ getting leaked is a strategy by his fans to keep the attention on him. Many choose to believe the rumors because some fans think that sexual assault was involved, however, none of the original accusations states that Lucas had sexually assaulted his exes. Meanwhile, his fans think that stalkers leaked ‘Jalapeno’ which suggests his scandal was a planned attack as the accusers want to ruin WayV.

'Lucas is coming home'

One happy fan shared, “SM RELEASE OF JALAPEÑO SOON Y'ALL. LUCAS IS COMING HOME!!! HE IS COMING BACK.” Another felt ‘Jalapeno’ was leaked by sasaengs (stalkers), “I've been so on the fence about everything up until today but now I'm just convinced the whole thing was fabricated and just a lie to screw him over.” But one WayV fan tweeted, “Why is he trying to get every attention to him lol. When winwin actor confirmed, he updated on weibo. On the teaser release of sg2022, his fans keep asking for him. D-4 wayv anniversary HIS FANS leaked the performance ver of jalapeno. Lmao.”

Another fan commented, “Universe leak, now jalapeño leak, why it's so easy to leak nct and wayv  songs??? do sasaengs have full access to everything as long as they ask for it??” One Lucas fan also posted, "LUCAS’ POSTS ON KEEP RUNNING’S OFFICIAL IG ACCOUNT ARE BACK!!😭😭😭 They unarchived everything Lucas related! Idgaf what antis say, but this is a really good sign and says alot! He’s coming back for sure!!"






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