NCT and WayV fans side with alleged ex-girlfriends, trend 'Lucas Out' on Twitter

With Lucas being excluded from the NCT 2021 comeback, more and more fans are believing the alleged victims who claimed Lucas cheated and gaslit them

                            NCT and WayV fans side with alleged ex-girlfriends, trend 'Lucas Out' on Twitter
Fans of Lucas are now siding with the alleged victims (@lucas_xx444/Instagram)

Back in August, Lucas was embroiled in a dating scandal. The NCT and WayV member went on a hiatus as four anonymous people claimed that they had all dated the K-pop idol. Furthermore, they claimed that Lucas had cheated on them, gaslit them, and manipulated them. They mentioned that he had taken advantage of them and made them spend their money on him. Both SM and Lucas released statements where they apologized.

Fans who supported Lucas pointed out that both NCT’s label and Lucas had neither confirmed nor denied the accusations. Many believe that SM apologized and put Lucas on hiatus till they can resolve the matter. The fandom was divided as some decided to stay neutral, some fans sided with Lucas while others believed the alleged ex-girlfriends. A lot of Twitter protests took place as some tried to get Lucas to leave his K-pop groups and retire from the industry.

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Lucas on hiatus after dating scandal

Some fans took it upon themselves to hire a cyber team and find proof to debunk the rumors. They found the digital footprint of some of the alleged victims and discovered that there were loopholes in their stories and some of the victims were registered as men on their Twitter accounts. But more and more fans have decided to believe the alleged ex-girlfriends with SM’s latest decision. For NCT’s third full group comeback -- NCT 2021 Universe, SM excluded Lucas without giving any explanation.

With Lucas’ visuals and talent, he was one of the popular NCT members and artists under SM. He was also selected to be a part of the supergroup Super M. But with the label putting him on a hiatus for so long without any reason, fans are wondering if there is some truth to the accusers’ claims. There were also rumors of sexual assault which has many fans going with the mindset that it’s better to believe a potential liar than a potential assaulter. And on November 22, a Twitter space #lucas_out was organized where NCTzens got together to discuss the situation.

'UNTIL that mf is proven innocent HES OUT'

While there are still some fans who support Lucas, the majority of fans that are speaking up on social media are siding with the alleged victims. One Twitter user shared, “This is a very healthy discussion actually #lucas_out cause look at them knowing the boundaries between fangirling and having morals…” Another tweeted, “If he really is innocent then he and his label/company would've taken actual actions to clear his name in an instant because the things being thrown at him ARE SERIOUS do u think they'd really just sit there and do nothing when things are this big alr if hes innocent.” One pointed out, “No because this is honestly what's bugging me the most about international fans defending him like how the f**k do you, international fans, the ones who heavily rely on translations, claim to fully grasp the nuances of a language you don't even understand????”






One fan posted, “Y'all dont get it, dont yall realise that yall are siding with a possible assaulter? and SM couldve proved his innocence but didnt. its been months. stop siding with idols and listen to the victims. i'd rather listen to a possible victim than an assaulter.” Another added, “I used to ult him before, i've been supporting him since he debuted actually. but at the end of the day, we gotta keep in mind that we don't know our idols irl. no matter how angelic we see them in our eyes, they're still humans who are capable of messing things up.” One NCTzen said, “Its been months the silence speak loud in this issue and for you to be “im still confused is he innocent or not” sa allegations cant be taken lightly and the fact that yall are putting kpop before morals are fucking sick so UNTIL that mf is proven innocent HES OUT.”





Some fans, on the other hand, have different opinions. An NCTzen shared, “Okay and also we need to wait for the staement! we're not in the place to hate or defend him. we should not defend him! we also should not hate him! okay? get it? okay bye.” Another wondered about the sexual assault allegations, “Same… ppl saying it been came out but I never knew that only things I knew about were him supposedly gaslighting and cheating….now he sa people??? Wtf is going on???” One addressed Lucas’ apology, “Idk why ppl want to trend this #lucas_out again, all im curious about is WHERE'S THE VICTIM? I ain't gonna believe those baseless tweets unless the VICTIM SPEAK, again doesn't mean he APOLOGIZED he's already guilty, its an apology not a confession.”





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