'With You': How did Ha Sungwoon and BTS Jimin get to collaborating on 'Our Blues' OST?

'With You': How did Ha Sungwoon and BTS Jimin get to collaborating on 'Our Blues' OST?
Sungwoon approached Jimin for the OST (@bts_bighit/Twitter, @gooreumseng/Instagram)

Fans were overjoyed when it was announced that BTS’ Jimin would be singing his very first solo OST (original soundtrack) for the hit K-drama ‘Our Blues’. Additionally, fans were touched when it was reported that the OST would be a collab between Jimin and Ha Sungwoon. For those who don’t know, Sungwoon of the K-pop group Wanna One is now a soloist and also happens to be a good friend of Jimin. On several occasions, they had shared that they had wanted to work on a collaboration together.

And so, when the chance came they sang the OST ‘With You’ for the K-drama ‘Our Blues’. The production was extremely excited as they had shared before the release that the two idols had meshed well together as the BTS star’s sweet tone and Sungwoon’s charming voice had made the song more radiant. And with it being Jimin’s first-ever solo project, ARMY also went all out to make the release even more memorable.

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Jimin agreed to the OST because of Sungwoon (lookatmin/fansite)

Sungwoon approached Jimin for the OST

‘With You’ broke several records in the first 24 hours itself as ‘With You’ was released on April 24. Jimin and Sungwoon’s OST did well domestically, as well as internationally as it topped the iTunes Worldwide Chart. It also became the fastest song in iTunes history to top the charts in 100 countries in the first 24 hours and extended its record by getting #1 in 118 countries. It also debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart, and was the highest and most-streamed K-drama OST on Billboard Global 200 Excl US and on Spotify even in the third week of its release.

Well, on May 13, Sungwoon was chatting with fans who decided to ask him how the collab with Jimin took place. The soloist shared that he was actually working on an OST for ‘Our Blues’ since last year with Punch for a duet. Turns out it was the production who asked if Sungwoon could contact Jimin. He said, “And I was curious too, so I called and asked him if he was interested in singing OSTs, since the other members had released OSTs in the past, and if he was somehow not able to. But he said that he wasn't really interested in singing OSTs.” 

However, Jimin changed his mind when he realized that he would get to work with his friend. Sungwoon explained, “But then he was like, 'Is it a duet with you??', and I said, 'I don't think so', but he said, 'If it's a duet with you, I wanna try it'. So I passed his message on to the production company!!! And that is how we ended up working on it, and I'm so happy it worked out." 

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