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Here's why ARMY are trolling a reporter for slamming BTS for 'Filter' credit

The internet has been divided as BTS included 'Filter' in their anthology album, a song co-made by Jung Bobby who has been accused of sexual assault
UPDATED MAY 13, 2022
'Filter' is a 2020 solo song by BTS' Jimin (@bts_bighit/Twitter)
'Filter' is a 2020 solo song by BTS' Jimin (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS is set to make their first comeback in two years with the much-anticipated anthology album ‘Proof’. With a three-CD tracklist, we are getting past hits, demos, and three new songs. However, one of the tracks has caused quite an uproar. Jimin’s solo song ‘Filter’ which was made in 2020 was co-written by Jung Bobby. Unfortunately, since then, the artist has been embroiled in a controversy as Jung's ex-girlfriend made sexual assault allegations against him.

And while BTS and fans may not like it, as per his legal right Jung Bobby was credited for ‘Filter’ in the ‘Proof’ tracklist. And with ARMY (BTS’ fans) defending Jimin by pointing out that the song was made before the sexual accusations, some Knetz and reporters are unhappy. Korean reporter Juwon Park made a post talking about how BTS decided to handpick ‘Filter’ for the album despite knowing that they would have to credit someone mired in a sexual assault case.


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Why are ARMY trolling Juwon Park?

Well, this did not go well with BTS fans who have taken to trolling Juwon Park by spamming her DMs. She tweeted screenshots of ARMY sending her messages ranging from memes to abusive insults. The reporter also mentioned, “If y’all gonna hate, at least debate on Jung Bobby’s presence on the upcoming album instead of cyberbullying me for tweeting about a new Big bang song months ago. To be frank, the wild idea that i could be a YG mole just bc I shared a song is so laughable.” 



But it was her next tweet that led to ARMY targetting her even more vehemently, “BTS, who is famous for protecting human rights, is facing a serious cyber-terrorism attack by overseas ARMYs after raising the question of why their new album tracklist included a song that included hidden cameras and singer Bobby Jung, who was accused of assault. Hundreds of messages are pouring in every day, from death threats to threatening to get fired from the company and sexual insults.”


'Grow up'

With a majority of the messages sent by fans being the word ‘P*ssay’, ARMY has taken to trend it as a meme. One fan tweeted, “HYBE NOTICE: armys pls stop saying p*ssay.” Another fan commented, “Imagine crying at your big age because someone called you a "P*SSAY" in your dms. That so funny FKÖDKSÖSKSMSNSMS.” Another ARMY said, “You are so fckin sick! There are actual journalists losing their lives for ACTUAL NEWS! And yet you here sitting here behind your laptop can easily just log out, but instead is chasing clout & throwing tantrums?! Grow up and be a real fckin journalist you p*ssay!”

However, one user felt that despite Park’s tweets, fans shouldn’t have cyberbullied her, “Even if what you're saying is true (about her trying to make BTS look bad), that absolutely does not warrant some of the disgusting things people have been saying to her.” One user added, "It’s been 3 days and I still cannot get over how Army is overly enthusiastic to cyber bully a reporter who pointed out that Bts is working with a producer who Sexual Assault a woman. Like what is the point of even donating to woman home, or talk about anti violence ???????"






'I think it's the history'

The reporter was also allegedly under YG Entertainment as a dancer and seemed to be a fan of BIGBANG, a K-pop group that has also been surrounded by controversies from drug abuse to enabling prostitution. And so one ARMY took to pointing out why they were trolling Park, “Juwan Park is an ex YG dancer and a bigbang stan who has been seeking armys for YEARS dm’ing them and armys telling her to leave them alone, she tried to weaponize several issues against bts and bh from enlistment to IPO to the pandemic and now SA-.”

One user wondered, “I think it’s this journalist’s history (of constantly targeting BTS) which is why this is dragging on for so long & how it’s gotten so intense Army have been beefing with journalist/radio hosts/MCs (every verified account on Twitter atp lol) & it’s hasn’t been this intense or lasted this long EDIT - Disclaimer: I am not agreeing with the nasty things and threats being sent to the journalist btw.” Another ARMY shared screenshots of a sexual assault survivor's alleged messages with Park, “All I see that this person deserves a big Apology from you Juwon Park.” Even non-BTS fans took to bringing up the time Park asked Hwasa about her bra during a comeback, “The dark side of a f**king journalists like juwon park bastard.”





Park has also responded to the trending of ‘P*ssay’ and ARMY trolling her on Twitter, “After pointing out Bobby Jung's participation in the Proof album, the strong cyber-terrorism of overseas ARMYs continues. They continued to DM me with sexual harassment by referring to genitals, and then went on a total offensive and uploaded it as a Twitter trend. This is not just a few ARMYs, but a cyber terror that came from the hands of +17K ARMYs.”


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