Ateez Fever Part 3 performances: 'Deja Vu' steals the lead from 'Eternal Sunshine'

With fans picking the title track for Ateez's 'Fever Part 3' album, the group released performance teasers for 'Eternal Sunshine' and 'Deja Vu'

                            Ateez Fever Part 3 performances: 'Deja Vu' steals the lead from 'Eternal Sunshine'
Ateez in 'Deja Vu' and 'Eternal Sunshine' performance teasers (ATEEZ/YouTube)

Looks like ‘The Kpop Elections’ are getting intense. After Atinys were divided with spoilers and performance posters, it looks like one of the title tracks is in the lead. Ateez’s fandom is in a mess ever since the group has introduced the title track voting tradition. For ‘Fever Part 3’ we have polar opposite tracks with ‘Eternal Sunshine’ being bright and peppy while ‘Deja Vu’ is fierce and eerie. And now with performance teasers, fans feel like they know which track is winning.

Eternal Sunshine’ was catching up during the performance posters release and it ended up in the lead when Ateez dropped the performance previews. Fans joked that is because ‘Deja Vu’ enthusiasts were too busy crying over its performance video to vote for the title track. But it looks like they have reorganized and ‘Deja Vu’ has the most votes once more.

Ateez 'Fever Part 3' performance posters: 'Eternal Sunshine' catches up to 'Deja Vu'

Eternal Sunshine vs Deja Vu: Ateez makes fans vote for 'Fever Part 3' title track

Ateez's performance posters for 'Fever Part 3' (@ateez_official_/Instagram)

Ateez drops performance previews 

While both songs and choreographies are vastly different, Ateez equally excels in both making it tough for fans to choose. While San had a nosebleed watching the ‘Deja Vu’ performance and Hongjoong himself said that he likes its choreography, he prefers ‘Eternal Sunshine’ song. And despite only one title track winning, we will still get a chance to see the boys perform both songs. In the past, the boys have promoted both title tracks in the ‘Inception’/’Thanxx’ and ‘Wave’/’Illusion’ era. And Ateez has announced a comeback showcase on Universe on September 13 at 8 pm KST (7 am ET) where they will perform both songs.

'Addicted to Deja Vu'

'ATEEZ PERFORMANCE KINGS', Wooyoung, Yunho and Mingi started trending along with ‘Deja Vu’ as Atinys couldn’t get over their parts in the performance teaser for the song. They made posts like, “SAN WASN’T EXAGGERATING WHEN HE SAID WE GON GET NOSEBLEED WTF JUNG WOOYOUNG,” and “Yunho and mingi in deja vu > everything else.” One Atiny couldn’t get over ‘Hala Hala’ Yeosang making a return, “Are you getting Deja vu.” They’re also excited that he is gradually getting more screentime and lines, “Deja vu yeosang is already superior.”






“Give us deja vu studio choom pls i’d like to witness the mingi kick again in 4K,” joked another. One added, “I cannot stop thinking about deja vu san in this long jacket.” Another made a meme, “F**k drugs you have ever been addicted to deja vu seonghwa will k!ll you.” One tweeted, “Hongjoong's looks like he belongs to the mafia.” “Yunho literally put zero masculanity into this hip move and i'm living for it,” posted another.






'Eternal Sunshine shaped me as a person'

One Atiny pointed out, “Deja vu enthusiasts are busy with hips & pelvis meanwhile eternal sunhiners are busy mass voting!!!!!” Fortunately or unfortunately for ‘Eternal Sunshine’ stans, ‘Deja Vu’ is in the lead once again. They also couldn’t get over the smallest details like Hongjoong’s painted nails, “Nothing just some hongjoong things,” and “Why isn't anyone talking about hongjoong in eternal sunshine like ??” One fan added, “Center seonghwa in eternal sunshine shaped me as a person.” 






Another fan posted, “This woosan part.” “No because happy center yeosang i nEED HIM,” commented one Atiny. One simply tweeted, “Eternal sunshine yunho.” Fans also couldn’t get over the rapper of the group, Mingi singing, “Just walking into people's hearts like that is so rude of Mingi.”





Jongho’s absence

Fans also couldn’t help but feel Jongho’s absence as the youngest member has a knee injury. KQ Entertainment earlier announced that while he would participate in the promotions, he would have limited performances and so is not present for the performance teasers. And Atinys cheered him on, “Jongho, let me be the first to say you were missed. It’s not the same without you. Your absence is palpable. Like you said, all 8 are needed to be atz I can’t wait to see it with you.”



Watch the performance teaser of ‘Deja Vu’ below.



Watch the performance teaser of ‘Eternal Sunshine’ below.



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