Ateez's ‘Season Songs’ with Kim Jong Kook gets summer vibes right, Atinys hail legendary collab

‘Summer Songs’ releases as Ateez and Jong Kook trend on three spots on the Top 5 Twitter trends

                            Ateez's ‘Season Songs’ with Kim Jong Kook gets summer vibes right, Atinys hail legendary collab
A still from the teaser for 'Wanna Go See The Sea?' (KQ ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube)

After making jaws drop with their performance in reality show 'Kingdom: Legendary War', Ateez is back with a peppy, lightweight summer mini-album. For 'Season Songs', Ateez has collaborated with Kim Jong Kook, legendary singer and dancer from K-pop’s first-generation act Turbo. Jong Kook last appeared with Ateez when the band performed a cover of Turbo hit ‘Black Cat Nero’ for their Halloween performance video. 

Jong Kook is most well known as one of the recurring cast members of reality show ‘Running Man’, where many guests from the Korean Industry appear to promote their movies, shows, or music releases. The collaboration between Ateez and Jong Kook saw many events like an online fan sign with Ateez, an album package with photo cards, and other goodies as well as a reality show, ‘The Man of the Pirate King’


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Release date

‘Season Songs' released on August 16 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET)

How to listen

The mini-album has been released on major music streaming platforms like melOn, genie, Vibe, and YouTube music.


1. Be My Lover or Wanna Go See The Sea? - Title track
2. White Love
3. Black Cat Nero

The album was released with a music video of the title track, ‘Be My Lover’ -- literally translated from Korean as ‘Wanna Go See The Sea?’, which had all eight members of Ateez as well as Jong Kook dressed in casuals as they dance on a playground, have snacks on a lunch table and also sit by the poolside sipping mocktails.

The song ‘White Love’ is co-composed by Ateez members Mingi and Hongjoong, and is the only song on the album that does not have a video. The third and final song of the album, ‘The Black Cat Nero’, is Ateez’s cover of a famous song by Turbo. The song was a performance by Ateez which was released on October 30, 2020, as part of Ateez’s Halloween performance video with Kim Jong Wook.


In the concept photos released for the collab, all eight members of Ateez looked ready for summer as they are all dressed in casuals. The photos are taken outside where a few members are seen using their hands to block the sun while others wore sunglasses. The members look fresh with their new hair after their last official Korean album.

The fourth-gen K-Pop group Ateez collaborates with the legendary first-gen artist Kim Jong Kook (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Music video

The music video begins with Jongho of Ateez and Jong Kook harmonizing while standing across from each other. As soon as the scene shifts, the boys break out into a dance as Hongjoong raps, saying this is a collaboration for all the broken hearts. The members are also seen sitting by the pool sipping drinks and talking to the viewers as if they were their lovers. The boys bask under the summer sun as they dance freely while singing only to come together to breakout into a performance for the chorus.

Watch the music video below.


Fans are extremely happy about this collab

The last time Atinys got to see Mingi was in the 'Black Cat Nero' performance video after which he took some time off for his mental well being. Coming back to perform for the music video, fans have this to say about Mingi, "It is worth mentioning that the last MV Mingi released with Ateez before his hiatus, and his first since returning are with KJK." One fan was just impressed with Kim Jong Kook, "Uri kim jongkook." 

One fan was awed by Seonghwa as they said, "Cant he choose one only? Pretty or handsome. WHY BOTHHH??!" and another fan said, "Idk i feel THIS happy because im seeing ateez summer comeback or because im seeing idol kim jongkook is back at 2021. I remember back then i was so AAAAAA when the legend kim jongkook DID really appear in black cat nero AND HE EVEN DANCED WITH ATEEZ even only in last chorus."

One more fan added, "ATEEZ x JONGKOOK - Collab of All Seasons." One fan celebrated their success on charts by saying, "All 3 new songs entered Bugs Realtime Chart."