Ateez collaborate with Pentatonix on 'A Little Space', Atinys say 'perfect fit’

Atinys are impressed that Ateez's first-ever collab with a Western act is with three-time Grammy winner Pentatonix

                            Ateez collaborate with Pentatonix on 'A Little Space', Atinys say 'perfect fit’
Pentatonix and Ateez to collab (@ptxofficial, @ateez_official_/Instagram)

Ateez is on a roll. After collaborating with first-gen legend Kim Jong-kook on ‘Season Songs’, they have another upcoming project with another iconic musical act. It seems that the K-pop boy group is set to collaborate with Pentatonix on the song ‘A Little Space’ releasing on August 20. When news agencies reported it, fans were unconvinced. But after the group’s leader Hongjoong and Pentatonix themselves confirmed it, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Pentatonix is an American acapella group that was formed in 2011 after the members won the talent show ‘The Sing-Off’. They were under labels like Epic Records and Madison Gate Records. They reached new heights of fame when their third EP ‘PTX, Vol. II’ topped several Billboard charts in 2013. The album had iconic songs like ‘Daft Punk’ which got them their first Grammy. The three-time Grammy-winners have also sold more than 10 million albums in USA. 

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Pentatonix ask for Ateez

Pentatonix quite recently released tracks like ‘Coffee In Bed’ and a cover of BTS’ ‘Butter’ and ‘Dynamite’ on their YouTube channel, which has 19.1 million subscribers. They also teamed up with LMNT in June to drop the single ‘A Little Space’. And now they will be releasing the second version of it. Reports say Pentatonix specifically asked for Ateez which touched Atinys' hearts.

Jongho, Yunho and San of Ateez to collab with Pentatonix (@ateezofficial/Twitter)

It was announced that three members of Ateez will collaborate with the acapella group to release another version of the song ‘A Little Space’. According to fans, the members being featured might be Yunho, San and Jongho. The youngest member, Jongho is one of the most talented main vocalists of the fourth generation and maybe the whole of the K-pop industry. And while Yunho and San are known for their impressive dance skills, they’re equally talented singers with a dynamic range.


Watch the original music video below:


Watch the music video with Ateez below:


'How perfect'

Atinys were excited as they trended ‘ATEEZ X PENTATONIX’ worldwide on Twitter. Some made double-take memes and joked that Pentatonix asked for Ateez when they tried to do acapella in one of their reality shows. One fan tweeted, “Ohhh this is the song they're collaborating! Pentatonix personally requested for @ATEEZofficial and i can hear how perfect their voices would fit!” Fans couldn’t keep up with the barrage of content we’ve been getting from Ateez lately, “Being gone one day on atiny twt means missing a comeback announcement and an Ateez x Pentatonix collaboration what goes on.”

Another added, “ATEEZ (and specially Wooyoung) have mentioned how much they want to go to the Grammys and now they're collaborating with a 3x Grammys winner!! They're already standing with legends, I'm so proud of them :').” One bragged, “THIS IS ATEEZ's FIRST EVER COLLAB WITH A WESTERN ARTIST, WHAT A FLEX FOR AN ATINY LIKE ME.”