Ateez and The Boyz '2wilight Zone': All you need to know about joint live concert

The joint live online concert for fans of Ateez and The Boyz will be held on September 17

                            Ateez and The Boyz '2wilight Zone': All you need to know about joint live concert
The two fourth-gen K-pop groups come together for the first ever cross label online live concert (@ATEEZofficial, @Creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)

Fourth-generation K-pop groups have given fans a lot to bond over as members of these groups are very close to one another, making their bonding and interaction a topic of discussion among their fandoms.

Two of the 'ZZZ' groups (so called as their name ends with the sound Z), The Boyz and Ateez were last seen together when they participated in reality show 'Kingdom: Legendary War.' Even though Stray Kids, the third part of the 'ZZZ' groups won the show, all participants gave fantastic performances and fans have started asking for more.

With travel restrictions due to the pandemic showing little signs of easing, My Music Taste has organized and announced K-pop's first-ever, cross-label event - a joint online concert with Ateez and The Boyz, which is titled '2wilight Zone' and is scheduled to release on September 17.


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Release Date

'2wilight Zone' will be held on September 17 at 7:30 pm KST (6:30 am ET). Sales of tickets start from September 2, at 2 pm KST (1 pm ET) and close on September 17, at 8 pm KST (7 am ET)

Where to watch

The concert will be hosted by My Music Taste and will be available for fans to watch only at

Members of Ateez are currently preparing for their comeback. (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Ticket Options

There are a total of seven ticket options for fans who want to watch this dreamy concert. The first option is a Live and VOD (Video on Demand) option where fans get to watch the entire live stream and get to watch the video after the concert is over. This ticket is priced at $ 24.99. The next two variants are called Package A where one version of the ticket is Package A - The Boyz and the other version is Package A - Ateez. These tickets are both priced at $36.99 - fans get the chance to watch the live concert, a VOD, a keyring (of the respective boy band), and a Special Ticket.

The next ticket option is Package B - The Boyz where alongside the items in Package A, fans also get one random individual member postcard. The fifth ticket option is Package B - Ateez where fans get one group postcard along with the same items as Package A. The Package B ticket for both groups is priced at $44.99.

The final set of tickets are called Package C - The Boyz and Package C - Ateez. This package is the same as Package B for most of it. The only difference between Package B and C is that the ticket for Package C - The Boyz will have five individual member photocards whereas Package C - Ateez will have three group photocards.

The Boyz made a Thrill-ing comeback in August of 2021. A still from their music video for 'Thrill Ride' (THE BOYZ/YouTube)

Showtime and English Subtitles and Restrictions

The show will go on for approximately 90 minutes, but runtime and programs may be subject to change due to onsite conditions or other external factors. International fans who do not speak Korean will be able to enjoy the concert as it will have English subtitles. Any fan can view the event on the website as long as they have their own account on the portal and have purchased tickets of their choice.

Fans residing in Japan will not be able to purchase tickets from MyMusicTaste. The concert is only available to viewers 7 years and older. The VOD is a replay service that will be viewable after the Korea Media Rating Board has reviewed its contents. This will be available for all fans who have purchased the ticket approximately one to three months after the event has ended. Fans should note that the schedule of the VOD is subject to change based on the review and the final video may not include all performances due to copyright issues. The VOD then will be available to view for 90 days after it has been uploaded on MyMusicTaste’s website.


Once tickets are purchased, the merch included with the tickets is expected to be shipped out starting from the first week of November.

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