Will BTS 'Proof' songs not be available on Spotify? Tracklist 3 reveals demo songs on 'CD only'

Fans of BTS are looking for ways to stream songs from the upcoming album since songs from Tracklist 3 will only be available on the CD

                            Will BTS 'Proof' songs not be available on Spotify? Tracklist 3 reveals demo songs on 'CD only'
Some ARMYs are flaunting their CD players as BTS announces 14 out of 48 songs on 'Proof' will be released only on CD (ibighit.com/BTS; Twitter)

The upcoming BTS album has been receiving a lot of attention online because it marks the boy group's first-ever anthology. BTS initially announced that 'Proof' would contain three new tracks including the single 'Yet to Come.' Now, five new tracks have been introduced that have fans excited for the new comeback. The new tracks are 'Yet to Come', 'Run, BTS', 'Young Love', 'Ambiguous Relationship' (aka 'Quotation Marks') and 'For Youth.' These will go hand-in-hand with other old and unreleased songs on the album.

When BTS initially promoted the anthology album 'Proof,' it was revealed that it would chronicle their journey in the industry from their debut single album, '2 Cool 4 School,' released in 2013, up to their recent 2021 releases. Now, after all three tracklists for the BTS album have been dropped, fans are wondering about the availability of all tracks for streaming on music platforms like Spotify, Melon, Apple Music, and more.


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BTS releases the tracklist for all three CDs on their first-ever anthology album 'Proof' that drops on June 10, 2022 (ibighit.com/BTS)

Tracklist 3 from BTS 'Proof' has demo versions of old songs

'Proof' has a total of three CDs which will have 15 plus songs each. CD 1 is focused on the title tracks from BTS' older albums while CD 2 includes singles that are member-centric, where all members of BTS get to shine individually while also including certain unit-centric songs that have received a lot of love over the years. While the two tracklists have older songs that fans have mostly heard in the past, the third CD has something extremely unique that fans would really hear for the first time.

The tracklist for CD 3 includes a total of 14 tracks, including three new tracks - 'For Youth' 'Young Love' and 'Ambiguous Relationship.' All other songs on the disc are demo versions of popular songs from BTS' 9-year-long discography which have been sung by one or more BTS members before the final song was recorded and officially released.


14 songs from BTS 'Proof' will be available on CD only

With a total of 48 songs on the album, BTS' 'Proof' is as loaded as it gets. CD 3 of the album includes demo versions of hits like 'Jump', 'Boy in luv,' 'I Need U,' 'Boyz With Fun', 'Young Forever', 'Spring Day', 'DNA', 'Epiphany', and 'Seesaw' as well as the new tracks 'For Youth', 'Quotation Marks' (aka 'Ambiguous Relationship') and 'Young Love,' besides an Acapella version of Jungkook's single 'Still With You' and Jimin's unreleased single with Suga, 'Tony Montana'.

Fans are shocked that the songs from CD 1 and 2 - that they have heard in the past - will be made available online through digital streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music or Melon among many others. However, all songs on CD 3 of 'Proof' can only be heard from the disc as it states that the tracks will be made available on "CD only".

BTS 'Proof' has a total of 48 songs, 5 of which are completely new to fans (BTS/Weverse)


'CD only? Let's go'

This news has ARMYs looking for innovative ways to listen to the songs as they will not be able to do so from the comfort of their phones. One fan said, "Cd only ok let’s go." One fan complained, "Hybe, LITERALLY how could you even do that? Not ALL Army's are filthy rich to buy a CD player and that costly ALBUM- Ngl, this year hybe really got rich buy creating the merch, BTS:in the seom, concerts and waterbottles. I." Another fan defended, "I mean there always been hidden track, that are on streaming platforms. Someone will for sure upload the Cd only on YouTube or SoundCloud. Also a lot army aren’t filthy rich a lot them work hard to earn that money to spend on BTS etc."

One dedicated fan joked, "The only CD player I have is my car. If BTS thinks I’m gonna be sitting in my parked car I’m this Texas heat just to listen to CD3, they are right. I will." One fan joked, "Me knowing my dad was born when dinosaurs were around so i don’t have to go buy a cd player." Another said, "And when you say “CD only” is that a final thing ? like how about “CD sometimes" One fan boasted, "CD only" translated into bts language is "ARMY only" Another added, "I totally get them making it cd only because this is really personal WIP stuff they put on the disc. Its just like making Path and Sea CD only because this is army only business."

One fan asked, "Seeing the tracklist and then wait "cd only" WHAT DO YOU MEAN CD ONLY?" Another fan said, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN “CD ONLY” I want to hear on spotify." One added, "Army twt: BTS is gonna make us have to buy a damn CD player now. Me: I've prepared my whole life for this moment." Another joked, "You got a bluetooth speaker?” armys: “no, do you have a CD player? cause boy do i got something for you."

















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