Will BTS disband after their anthology 'Proof’? Fans wonder why it feels like the end

Will BTS disband after their anthology 'Proof’? Fans wonder why it feels like the end
BTS’ ‘Proof’ will include songs right from 2013’s ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ up to 2021’s ‘Permission To Dance’ alongside three new songs for fans (weverse.com/BTS; Twitter)

A lot of chatter has been going on about the Big Hit Music boy group BTS enlisting in the military and fans are overwhelmed. Despite the fact that BTS members themselves have time and again mentioned that they have no qualms about enlisting, the decision of whether they should or not does not lie in their hands because of their global domination.

The boy group’s enlistment discussion has become a national matter while reports from the South Korean Culture Ministry claim it would be a “national loss” to have them enlist. ARMYs (fans of BTS) are ready for any news that comes their way but one, and that is of BTS’ disbandment. While the discussion and decision about BTS enlisting is still impending, the boy group has now announced their comeback album, ‘Proof’ (PROOF). The album was teased during the last day of their ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ concert in Las Vegas back in April 2022.


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Fans of BTS worry that the upcoming anthology album 'Proof' could be hinting at the boy group's disbandment (Big Hit Music)


BTS announce a comeback with an anthology album, ‘Proof’

The album was initially teased with the title ‘We Are Bulletproof’, which comes from one of BTS’ old singles as well as the entire concept of BTS’ origin including their group name - Bulletproof Boy Scouts (Bangtan Sonyeondan, in Korean). With the announcement of a comeback album, fans hoped that BTS would be releasing a full album as they did last with ‘BE’ in 2020. However, it seems like fans are confused about the new release as it was announced on May 5 that the boy group from HYBE was going to drop their new anthology album, ‘Proof’.

The upcoming album will contain songs from their entire discography of nine years, from their 2013 debut single album, ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ up to their most recent English single ‘Permission to Dance,’ which was released in 2021. ‘Proof’ will also feature three unreleased tracks but it seems like some fans are not content with having only three new songs after waiting for 500+ days.

With the carefully curated discography that BTS has created over the years, fans are surely happy to get an anthology album because releasing one is considered to be legendary for many artists.

BTS tease their anthology album, 'Proof' which releases on June 10, 2022 (HYBE)


‘Now why does it feel like the end?’

The fact that BTS is releasing an anthology right as the discussion about their military enlistment looms over their heads is sending mixed signals to many fans of K-pop as well as ARMYs. One fan asked, “Are you disbanding @BTS_twt?” One fan wondered, “Proof really about to be bts’ last album they are going on hiatus or disbanding.” One fan said, “BTS logo trailer makes it look like their disbanding.” One fan said, “SO IS PROOF CLOSING THE CHAPTER OF THE LAST 9 YEARS… THATS SICKENING.”

One user said, “Anthology=  DISBAND. definitely neither @BTS_twt nor @BIGHIT_MUSIC @bts_bighit are interested in MAKING GOOD MUSIC / CHOREOS anymore. Possibly the members are dedicated to their personal lives & taking as much money as possible from the pockets of the fandom.” One user said, “BTS just achieved Hot 100 dominance and instead of cementing their dominance with a solid full album, they release...an anthology??? Ok, time to disband. Jungkook solo career please.”

Another fan asked, “Now why does it feel like the end of bts like IS IT JUST ME ???.. the way they are going back to the beginning with the we are bullet proof.. it’s either they are disbanding or their starting a new era after this album??” One emotional fan said, “The thought of bts disbanding never really phased me too much, cause i knew it would be a long time till that happens, but with enlistment being talked about, I actually teared up, I've known them since 2015 and been with them since 2017, I remember hiding the fact I was an army.”

One fan asked, “If #PROOF is like a combination of all BTS albums does that mean they are disbanding? Like it’s their last album where they make all albums combined into one as the one last gift of gratitude.” One angry fan said, “BTS if you wanna disband just say it. Only 3 new tracks after 567 days? You're kidding me right?”











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