Will Rapper Jungkook return with BTS ‘Proof’? New single 'Run BTS' has fans curious

Will Rapper Jungkook return with BTS ‘Proof’? New single 'Run BTS' has fans curious
Fans of BTS are shocked to see Jungkook in the credits of the track 'Run BTS' alongside rappers RM, Suga, and J-Hope for their anthology album 'Proof' (ibighit.com/BTS)

With more and more K-pop groups announcing their comebacks one after the other, fans of K-pop are busier than ever. ARMYs are on lockdown mode, analyzing every snippet of information being released about BTS after the group announced their June comeback. BTS is all set to release their upcoming album ‘Proof,’ which will also be their first-ever anthology album since their debut in 2013.

Now that BTS has had a total of nine years of being active in the K-pop industry, the upcoming album will feature a long list of songs with a total of three CDs. On May 9, BTS revealed the tracklist for the first CD in their anthology album ‘Proof’. The tracklist of the first CD will have a total of 19 tracks with the new single, ‘Yet to Come’. 18 out of the 19 tracks featured on the first CD of BTS’ ‘Proof’ are popular old hits, including songs like ‘Born Singer’, ‘No More Dream’ ‘Fire’, ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ ‘Dynamite’, ‘Life Goes On,’ and many more.


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BTS drops the second tracklist for ‘Proof’

While the first tracklist for BTS’ comeback brought out the feeling of nostalgia among fans, the second tracklist for the second CD of ‘Proof’ has made fans curious. On May 10, BTS released the second tracklist for the upcoming anthology album which has a total of 15 songs which are all underrated tracks from the boy group. The upcoming album will include 14 old tracks from the boy group, some of which are old solo, duo, or unit-based songs from BTS’ older releases.

The second tracklist will feature RM’s (Namjoon) solo track ‘Intro: Persona’, Jin’s solo track ‘Moon’, Suga’s solo track ‘Trivia: Seesaw’, J-Hope’s solo track ‘Outro: Ego’, V’s (Taehyung) solo track ‘Singularity’, Jimin’s solo track ‘Filter’ as well as Jungkook’s solo track ‘Euphoria’. It will also feature unit songs like ‘BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer’, ‘Friends’, ‘Dimple,’ among other singles. The only new track on the album is titled ‘Run, BTS’. The yet-to-be-released song is now trending on Twitter for its credits which includes BTS’ maknae Jungkook, alongside BTS’ Rap Line - RM, Suga, and J-Hope.


Will ‘Run, BTS’ feature Jungkook the Rapper?

The upcoming track ‘Run, BTS’ has fans curious because the title of the track is a call-back to the boy group’s personal variety program (titled ‘Run BTS’) that aired on the 'V Live' platform. The show started back in the year 2015 and has been synonymous with ‘free therapy’ for fans who love to see the boys enjoy themselves as they play games and compete with one another for basic prizes like a rice cooker or lunch coupons.

BTS' Jungkook raps leader and rapper RM's part for the boy group's single, 'Ddaeng' (Twitter)

Jungkook, who is part of the Vocal Line and is BTS’ main vocal, is  taking part in the upcoming single, along with the three rappers of BTS. ARMYs were curious if "Rapper Jungkook" was going to finally make his "comeback". Fans are aware that Jungkook who is actually a vocalist also loves to rap and has shown off his skills as a rapper in older songs like ‘No More Dream’ or at concerts, like the time he rapped RM’s part for the hit song ‘Ddaeng’.

Jungkook has shown his rapping skills in BTS' 2013 single 'No More Dream' (ibighitmusic.com/BTS)

‘Do we get Rapper Jungkook back?’

With Jungkook working on the track, ‘Run, BTS’ for the boy group’s upcoming anthology album, ARMYs are beginning to wonder is Rapper Jungkook will finally be "coming back". One fan said, “RM, J-Hope, SUGA and.... AND JUNGKOOK are credited for Run BTS are we getting rapper JK back?...?” Another fan asked, “And if we get rapper jungkook on RUN BTS then..” One fan pointed out, “Jungkook is also credited on bts new song run bts. RAPLINE AND JUNGKOOK. jungkook who is also part of rapline being the sub rapper.”

One fan guessed, “I love how Run BTS is either a hiphop track featuring rapper jungkook, or a meme song featuring tomato song and lachimolala. Either way it's gonna be great.” One more fan said, “Anyways jungkook credited on run bts with the rest of the rap line because rapper jk is coming back so true.” Another fan said, “We definitely getting rapper jungkook for RUN BTS.” One more fan said, “I just realized that since jungkook is credited on run bts WE MIGHT GET IRRUMAN JUNGKOOK BACK HELLO RAPPER JK CB.”

One fan wondered, “Also Jungkook being credited on Run BTS with the rapline.... Rapper Jungkook possibly.” Another fan said, “RAPPER JUNGKOOK?” One more fan said, “The credits for run bts go hard.. rapline and jungkook?? the possibility of rapper jungkook comeback?” One more fan said, “WJAT IF JUNGKOOK GONNA RAP IN RUN BTS?? WE ARE GETTING RAPPER JUNGKOOK BACK?”














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