Remove Chanyeol from EXO, demand petitioners through balloon ads and radio as fans say 'EXO will be 9'

Remove Chanyeol from EXO, demand petitioners through balloon ads and radio as fans say 'EXO will be 9'
Petitioners demand Chanyeol's removal from EXO amid cheating row (SM Station official)

EXO Chanyeol fans are furious as they find out more than one campaign have been carried out on the last week of May by petitioners demanding that SM Entertainment removes Chanyeol's name from the K-pop supergroup. A balloon was spotted in May 29 at the intersection of Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul near SM Entertainment building with the writing "SM, remove Chanyeol's parts."

Later, many took it to a radio program playing on 89.1MHz KBS COOL FM with a strong message to EXO's label SM for removing Chanyeol, who is currently serving in the military, from 'EXO Arcade', an online program which features EXO members. 


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Why did petitioners run radio and balloon ad campaigns?

EXO fans found out that the petition carried out on the radio channel 89.1MHz KBS COOL FM demanded to see EXO without Chanyeol claiming they are the EXO-Ls. The message read, "We ask that you delete Park Chanyeol's portions from EXO's original content 'EXO Arcade'. SM, stop the silence. It is now time to listen to the fans' voices. Starting from May 31, EXO's fan club EXO-L would like to see only the five remaining members without Chanyeol."

Chanyeol is serving in the military (EXO Instagram)

While the petitioners didn't cite a reason, fans have assumed that the issue is related to the ongoing Chanyeol controversy that started last year in October when the 'Secret Queen Makers' star was accused of 'cheating' by a social media user who claimed she is Chanyeol’s former girlfriend and while being with her, the rapper had been dishonest and he allegedly cheated on her multiple times which led to her heartbreak.

While Chanyeol didn't respond to the rumors right away, later in February 2021, the K-pop artist shared a letter with fans apologizing for causing concerns: "I thought a lot about how I can protect the precious hearts of EXO-L and how I can make it up to you as well, and I reflected on how I will not cause you worry again.”



EXO members with Chanyeol moments (Lysn)

After Chanyeol went to serve in military, reports suggested that SM Entertainment has taken the decision to sue the malicious social media users who shared false news on social media. The entertainment mogul revealed, "We are suing those who have spread false facts related to Chanyeol, and we know that the police have specified the accused and sent it to the prosecution with the opinion of the prosecution." The company added, "It is one of the complaints against the infringement of artist rights that we are constantly responding to."

SM Entertainment suing users who made up fake news about Chanyeol (SM Station official)

'EXO is 9'

After the news surfaced, angry fans slammed the 'antis' stating EXO is and will be 9. A fan outraged, "Are these people dumb or what? I'm tired of their sh!ts now. Yo antis!! Get this loud n clear in your head 'EXO IS 9' and I'm really disappointed in KBS. So very unprofessional n disrespectful!" Another fan wrote, "They're crazy for this, the man didn't do anything wrong he's innocent . Fuck even if it was true and he cheated it's none of anyone's business, we're just fans who listen to his music we have no right to get involved in his personal life."

Fans demanded apology from the 'antis' with tweets like, "you know why antis are still doing this to chanyeol? cause they're ashamed of what they've done, they don't want to accept the fact that they've wasted their time on literally nothing! #Apologizetochanyeol!"




EXO Chanyeol who is serving in the military now will be back by September 28, 2022. Though the 18-months serving period may differ due to different situations, the singer will be able to finish his mandatory military duty within that time frame. Meanwhile, EXO-Ls are ready for the special album 'Don't Fight The Feeling' releasing on June 7. Check out the teaser below. Check EXO's innovative game 'EXO-Ship Saga' to more about the concept.

EXO welcomes fans to 'Don't Fight The Feeling' teaser images (EXO Instagram)

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