When will EXO's Chanyeol return from military enlistment? K-pop star shares excitement, fans wish him luck

Prior to leaving for the military, Chanyeol prepared a number of gifts for the fans along with heartwarming messages

                            When will EXO's Chanyeol return from military enlistment? K-pop star shares excitement, fans wish him luck
EXO Chanyeol parts with fans with heartwarming messages (EXO/Instagram)

EXO’s Chanyeol is all ready to serve his country and start his military enlistment on Monday, March 29. With Chanyeol becoming the fifth of nine members to enlist and Baekyun being the sixth, EXO-Ls are eager for the K-pop artists to finish their duty soon and come back with a full album. Prior to leaving for the military, EXO’s Chanyeol prepared a number of gifts for the fans along with heartwarming messages on the fan messenger ‘Bubble’. Now the only question remains, when will EXO’s Chanyeol return from the military?

Prior to leaving for the military enlistment, Chanyeol has made sure to check up on fans with daily updates. On the night before the enlistment date, Chanyeol assured fans with a bunch of texts where the 28-year-old rapper and singer wrote, “did you spend a good day today? I will come back safely.” Followed by "I have prepared a gift for you so sleep well, okay!?" and a reassurance, "it's gonna be all good. I am looking forward to everything!!!!!!! Anyways, good night!"


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EXO’s Chanyeol to enlist in the military on March 29, heartbroken fans demand 'full comeback'





When will EXO's Chanyeol return from military enlistment?

EXO's Chanyeo,l who will be starting his military enlistment from March 29 from a non-disclosed location, will be back by 2022! According to tentative dates as mentioned, 'Hug Me' crooner will be back by September 28, 2022. Though the 18-months serving period may differ due to different situations, the singer will be able to finish his mandatory military duty within that time frame which makes EXO-Ls hope that a late 2022 reunion may happen when both Baekhyun and Chanyeol will be back.



Chanyeol's enlistment is heartbreaking and a moment of pride for EXO-Ls at the same time. Joining the fans, various TV personalities are also wishing the global K-pop superstar a safe stay while fans have started fan projects which will display different messages for the next 18 months for Chanyeol as a sigh of support. TV Host Jang Sungkyu wrote, "Have a pleasant journey, my Chanyeol!" Another fan page posted, "‘Meet me at the Rodeo station’ CHANBAR has set a long-term ad that will be ongoing for 18 months from this year 2021 March till 2022 Sept. Messages to Chanyeol and pictures will be changed every month. Specific details will be released once the date of the support ad is confirmed.





Fans have also taken to social media to pour their support and love for the EXO member writing comforting messages. A fan wrote, "I know that chanyeol is going to serve his country very well because he is the person who loves discovering new things and loves challenging himself, he is so passionate and gives his whole heart on (sic) whatever he is doing. ♡" Another fan informed, "sergeant kyungsoo passed down his watch to chanyeol who is enlisting today. imagine all the advices he must have given him too. no wonder chanyeol is all excited for what's ahead of him. best of luck, soldier." A fan message read, "I will try not to worry anymore because you said “I will enter with a comfortable heart. I’m prepared for it, stay healthy, not get hurt and come back safely.” Your words are reassuring and I believe in you Chanyeol. See you soon!" 







Prior to leaving, Chanyeol prepared a number of musical gifts for fans including a movie 'The Box' where the singer plays an ambitious musician. Check the OST 'Break Your Box' of the movie below.


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