EXO-Ship Saga for 'Don't Fight The Feeling': Tutorial, how to play and win perfect score for teaser photos

EXO is taking promotion to the next level with EXO-Ship Saga game ahead of 'Don't Fight The Feeling' album release where fans can access exclusive photos

                            EXO-Ship Saga for 'Don't Fight The Feeling': Tutorial, how to play and win perfect score for teaser photos
EXO-Ship Saga is releasing ahead of new album 'Don't Fight The Feeling' (EXO Twitter)

EXO is going all out with their innovative promotions of the new album 'Don't Fight The Feeling'. Prior to the album's release on June 7, SM Entertainment has introduced a new game titled EXO-Ship Saga for EXO-Ls where the fans can engage in an old-school game and after reaching a certain score, they get to check out an exclusive unreleased concept teaser photo of the group's upcoming album 'Don't Fight The Feeling'.

While the teaser images of the EXO members have already made it to social media chatter, with this innovative concept the K-pop supergroup is taking things to the next level, say fans. Fans are trying to win a perfect score to get a sneak peek of the album concepts prior to its release. To know how to play, where to get the game, tutorials and all things related to EXO-Ship Saga, read on.


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Teaser image of EXO-SHIP SAGA (EXO Twitter)

Where to get EXO-Ship Saga?

EXO-Ship Saga can be played from the site exoship-saga.com. The game was introduced on May 31.

How to play?

EXO-Ship Saga can be played from any device using some basic information such as date of birth and adding a nickname. You can also follow this in-depth tutorial to know how to get the perfect score in the game.


How to get the perfect score?

Check out some of the fans' tips to get the perfect score here. A fan notes, "THIS GAME WILL DEFINITELY TEST YOUR PATIENCE. You waited for exo to have their group comeback after two years. Now, how about their newly launched game? sending good lucks to everyone!"



EXO introduces the special game EXO-Ship Saga sharing, "EXO launches the web game ‘EXO-SHIP SAGA’! A space-based game that uses the upcoming special album’s concept! Album-related reward images to be released when the total score of game participants reaches the target value!" 


'Trendsetters EXO'

The innovative concept of the album's promotion has won EXO-Ls over as they share their scores and how the game has pumped up the energy among fans ahead of the album's release. A fan wrote, "This game is bringing out the competitive side of exo-ls Now when that MV releases, y'all should have the same energy for streaming!" Another EXO-L posted, "Y'all must remember who started it EXO is the blueprint!" A fan chimed in, "The next time your favs release a game for their comeback, y'all should thank EXO for that. EXO IS THE STANDARD. EXO IS THE BLUEPRINT." Another fan shared, "EXO THE TRENDSETTER! A comeback album with no album details! Its a surprise mfz!."





EXO's upcoming album 'Don't Fight The Feeling' will be releasing on June 7. Check out some of the exciting teasers below.







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