When will EXO's Baekhyun return from military service? Sehun shows love to K-pop star: 'You are worth the wait'

Baekhyun also updated a fan site with photos of his buzz-cut hair and in a message to EXO-Ls, the K-pop star said he will be 'I’ll be right back'

                            When will EXO's Baekhyun return from military service? Sehun shows love to K-pop star: 'You are worth the wait'
EXO star Baekhyun poses with Sehun while showing off his buzz-cut hair before joining the military (LYSN app)

EXO's Baekhyun is leaving to join the military on his birthday aka Baekhyun day. The 'Bambi' singer shared a heartfelt message for his fans as EXO-Ls flooded social media sites writing, "you are worth the wait". Baekhyun also updated a fan site with photos of his buzz-cut hair while standing with Sehun. Farewell photos of the 'genius idol' got many EXO-Ls extremely emotional.

Baekhyun already held his birthday celebration live on May 1 where he interacted with fans. He asked them not to worry as he has recorded plenty of content prior to enlisting for the military. The 'Candy' crooner also released his third Korean-language extended play (fourth overall) 'Bambi' on March 30.


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Baekhyun's goodbye message

Baekhyun is known to break records with his music and at the same time, he is also considered to be one of the most considerate K-pop singers who has always been extremely upfront with EXO-Ls. In his goodbye message, he said, "Stay safe and healthy. Be patient for a while. Love you EXO-Ls, bye."

While sharing news about the enlistment, he said, "Even if I’m not here, we’ve filmed a lot of content in advance that will be released on YouTube and other places. It is possible people might be disappointed because I announced it so late, but I had just one intention. I didn’t want to make you feel like you had to prepare in advance. It’s not like we’re being separated forever. I wanted it to be like, ‘I’ll be right back.'”

EXO Sehun and Baekhyun in their ritual 'embrace' before Baekhyun leaves for the military (LYSN app)

'You are worth the wait'

Baekyun fans took to social media to send warm and positive messages to the singer writing "you are worth the wait". A fan said, "We will wait for you, please take care of yourself, can't wait to hear we are one again with all of you !! #640DaysIsNotALongTime #Youreworththewait!" Another fan said, "Exo family members seriously so precious. the way they share this precious moment with us. thank you so much !!!! BAEKHYUNNIE LOOK SO GOOD !! ALL THE BEST FOR THE TRAINING!"  



When will Baekhyun return from the military?

Though it is not confirmed yet, speculations are rife that Baekhyun will be back by February 2023. EXO singer Chanyeol who enlisted right before Baekhyun will be back by September 2022.

Baekhyun before going to the military (LYSN App)


A SuperM fansite shared pictures of the artist writing, "Take care of yourself uri leader." Another fan wrote, "He ain’t done making me cry! serve your country well, our baekhyun…take good care of yourself and come back to us safely… let’s all see each other again in 2023, we love you so muchhhhhh~"



SM Entertainment artistes wish Baekhyun

SuperM member, NCT star Taeyong wrote, “Take care hyung, happy birthday”. He then quickly changed it to, “no don't go hyung!” Sehun accompanied the 'Delight' crooner on his haircut day and did the embracing ritual before sending him off. 



Baekhyun's last released album 'Bambi' went on to chart number 1 in South Korean Album (Gaon) chart, number 34 on UK Digital Albums and 8 on the Japanese album chart. The singer snagged a record number of 1,197,382 sales in South Korea with the album and also debuted at 15 on the Billboard World Album Chart.

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