Why did Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra break up? Couple splits on 'bad terms' after 8 months

Why did Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra break up? Couple splits on 'bad terms' after 8 months
Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra recently broke up (Instagram/@tylerjcameron3 and @camila.kendra)

American television personality and model Tyler Cameron, who rose to fame as a contestant on ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 15, in which he was the season's runner-up, has reportedly broken up with model girlfriend Camila Kendra.

As per tabloid reports, this breakup comes at the same time as Cameron was allegedly seen at a Florida beach bar with a blonde woman “all over him”, while Kendra is on an Italian vacation with her family. Both have reportedly already unfollowed each other on Instagram. At the same time, they have also removed posts about each other from their Instagram accounts.


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Why did Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra break up?

An insider close to the former couple told The Sun that the couple has “broken up” on "bad terms" after eight months of dating. The source added that this was “very recent” and their friends found the decision “unexpected”. “Things were going well until they weren’t,” an insider told Us Weekly. “Friends were surprised things ended so quickly.” A source told Page Six, “Things took a turn.”

Cameron and Kendra were first publicly linked in January. Speculations on their relationship began when they were spotted together where he lives in New York City. The split seems all the more surprising and unexpected because, on July 27, Cameron told Andy Cohen during an appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’ about how deeply in love he was with Kendra, whom he met through Instagram. “She asked me if I was from LA, I was like, ‘No, I’m Florida,’ and she’s like, ‘I’m in Florida.’ She was an hour away, we met and that’s how it happened,” Cameron told Cohen.


He also said he was “very in love” with Kendra. He said, “We went to a restaurant, and we sat there, we just talked for hours. We couldn’t even look at the menu, so I just told them, like, ‘Bring whatever.’ We just talked, hung out. We sat there for four hours. I had a great night.”

“She said ‘I love you’ and then I came later. It was at a moment of pure love, like, it just came out. You know what I mean? It was not the way I expected it, but it was beautiful,” Cameron said, adding that he “wanted to say it [earlier] but … [I] was still scared. I knew I loved her.”

Kendra reportedly hails from the Dominican Republic - her family shifted to Florida when she was three years old. Her father and brother are airline pilots. She attended Florida Gulf Coast University where she studied biology and then pursued a career in modeling.


Cameron recently authored a book, ‘You Deserve Better’. In the memoir, he wrote about his romantic past, addressing ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown and his whirlwind relationship with Gigi Hadid.

In the book, he wrote, “[After the show, Hannah and I] saw each other in LA, where yes, I slept at Hannah’s house, but we didn’t sleep together. We weren’t in a relationship at that point, and we definitely weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. Two days later, I was seen in New York City, out on a date with a different girl.”

“This was a major mistake on my end. Not because I shouldn’t have been dating, because I was very clear with Hannah all along that after the way the show ended, I needed some time and space to figure things out,” he further wrote. “I even called Hannah in the afternoon the same day I arrived in New York and told her again that I thought we both deserved to date other people. But I still put Hannah in a tough, tough position.”

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