Were Rachael Kirkconnell's answers scripted? 'The Bachelor' star says racist pics did NOT worry her 'even once'

Were Rachael Kirkconnell's answers scripted? 'The Bachelor' star says racist pics did NOT worry her 'even once'
Rachael Kirkconnell is in the middle of controversy on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

Season 25 of ‘The Bachelor’ ended on a rather unexpected note, as Matt James decided to hold on to the proposal, owing to his issues growing up in a single-parent family, which made him wonder if he was ready for a long-term relationship. He doesn’t ask Rachael Kirkconnell’s hand in marriage, but instead tells her he wants to take their relationship forward after confessing his love for her.

Perhaps, Matt did the right thing taking his time rather than jumping the gun, as Rachael’s racist past cost their relationship. However, the suitress admitted on camera that she wasn’t as concerned about the social media pictures that have gotten her embroiled in one of the biggest controversies 'The Bachelor' nation has ever witnessed. 

Rachael and Matt appeared in the 'After The Final Rose' episode hosted by Emmanuel Acho, during which they spoke in detail about the racism scandal Rachael has gotten entangled in. Acho asks her a series of questions, including one, where she was asked if she “even once” thought about her pictures from the antebellum-themed ball party thrown by her college fraternity in 2018. 


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Rachael Kirkconnell (ABC)

While she offers her sincere apology to the public and admits that nothing changes the consequences of her past actions, including the increasing support from the non-Black community who are defending her. However, when asked if she was aware of the consequences of these pictures before participating in ‘The Bachelor’, Rachael simply says “no” before adding she didn’t think about it even once as she thought she was only taking pictures with her friends.

Her response has earned the ire of the public as many have called her out for her “ignorance” while some strongly feel her answers were “scripted” or “rehearsed” as there is no way in the world she reportedly does not know the issue that could have arisen from the racist pictures. 

One tweeted, "Rachael’s answers sound rehearsed af. She knew wtf those pics meant. Play w/ somebody else. #TheBachelor " Another added, "Rachael couldn't name a single book. Not a single podcast. An essay. A documentary. A short film. Literally had nothing to show except rehearsed soundbites and talking points. She's a fake and a fraud. And she will get no sympathy from me. #TheBachelor "

A user tweeted, "rachael baby, you saw he was black. you knew what you did in the past and never once thought about how this could hurt him, and you still think you have a chance????  #TheBachelor."






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