‘Bachelorette’ alum Tyler Cameron devastated as mother Andrea dies a day after he asked fans to 'pray for her'

‘Bachelorette’ alum Tyler Cameron devastated as mother Andrea dies a day after he asked fans to 'pray for her'
Tyler Cameron (Getty Images)

For the past several weeks ‘Bachelorette’ alum Tyler Cameron was busy hyping a ‘Good Morning America’ group run event hosted by him all over social media. However, on Thursday, February 27, the reality star took to his Twitter to announce that he wouldn’t be able to attend the event, citing “family emergency” as the reason.

In his tweet he wrote, “Have to cancel GMA group run tomorrow. Family emergency. Please pray for my mom and my family.” 

While he didn’t reveal any further details, on Friday, February 29, condolence messages from his friends and family members began pouring in all over the social media expressing their sadness over Tyler’s mother Andrea Cameron’s passing.

According to reports, Tyler’s mother Andrea was hospitalized on Thursday, following which Tyler and his brothers—Ryan and Austin—took to their social media with requests for their fans to pray for Andrea’s health.

Tyler, who currently resides in New York, immediately left the city and flew to Jupiter, Florida, to be with his mother.

The cause of Andrea’s death has not been revealed yet.

A source close to the former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant revealed to Us Weekly that he was “devastated” when he learned about his mother’s health condition.

Andrea was introduced to the world last July when the ‘Bachelorette’ contestants had hometown dates with season 15’s ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown. Andrea won many fans and amassed a chunk of social media followers when she openly supported her son’s decision to propose to Hannah in a heart-to-heart conversation with him.

The Camerons’ family friends took to their social media to express their sadness over Andrea’s passing. Trudy Schmitt, a friend of Andrea’s posted a picture of them together with the caption that reads, “I will miss you my friend. You live life to the fullest. Everyday a great day. That's how you live every day.”

Andrea is survived by her three sons- Tyler, Austin, and Ryan. While Tyler has become a popular television personality following his stint on ‘Bachelorette’, his younger brothers too seem to be doing well. Austin is currently serving the country’s armed forces, while Ryan plays football at the Florida Atlantic University. Andrea divorced their father, Jeff Cameron , but the two maintained a cordial relationship. Jeff too made an appearance during the hometown date episode of ‘The Bachelorette’.

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