Who is Jung Bobby? Fans furious as BTS 'Proof' includes 'Filter' credited to the sex offender

Bobby Jung is currently on trial for assaulting the woman he was dating and was accused of illegally filming a sex video that is called molka in South Korea

                            Who is Jung Bobby? Fans furious as BTS 'Proof' includes 'Filter' credited to the sex offender
BTS' anthology album 'Proof' includes Jimin's solo titled 'Filter', a song that has been credited to Jung Bobby (ibighit.com/BTS)

WARNING: This article contains information that some people may find triggering or upsetting. Discretion is advised.

BTS’ upcoming album has been getting scrutinized every single day ever since the boy group announced their comeback and now with the release of all three tracklists for the three CDs included with the album, fans are analyzing every single track on the upcoming anthology album. BTS’ anthology album ‘Proof’ will include songs from the boy group's career of nine years, starting from their debut single album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ that was released in 2013 up until their most recent English single ‘Dynamite’, their first all-English song.

On one hand, some fans have been discussing the existence of not three but five new songs on the upcoming album but on the other hand, some are discussing how CD 3 from the album will not be available on Spotify. Most fans of BTS, in general, are still analyzing the credits on the songs listed on the upcoming album, and something distressing was discovered that has caused a lot of outrage on Twitter.


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Jimin performed his solo track 'Filter' at the 2020 'Map of the Soul ON:E' concert that took place online (ibighit.com/BTS)


BTS Jimin's solo song 'Filter' includes Jung Bobby in the credits

While fans are raging about Jimin's solo songs not being included in the CD 3 of 'Proof', many users on the internet are pointing out that it is necessary for BTS to save their image when it comes to what they put out for fans to listen to. The track 'Filter' was released in February 2020 with BTS' album 'Map of the Soul: 7' and will now also feature on BTS' upcoming anthology album 'Proof' on its second CD. While there are many people listed in the credits for the single, 'Filter' fans are drawing attention to Bobby Jeong (aka Jung Bobby).

Who is Jung Bobby?

Jung Bobby was a member of the indie band 'Autumn Vacation' and was a former record producer who worked on BTS' older songs. In May 2020, much after the release of the song 'Filter' for which he worked with BTS, it was revealed that Bobby Jung was a sex offender. Bobby Jung was accused of sexually assaulting women and filming himself having sexual intercourse with them. Bobby Jung is currently on trial for assaulting the woman he was dating and was accused of illegally filming a sex video that is called molka in South Korea aka spycam porn.

BTS' second tracklist for 'Proof' has Jimin's solo track 'Filter' which is credited to alleged sexual offender Bobby Jung (@BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)


'Why is BTS working with a sex criminal?'

Some fans are calling out BTS for using the same track that an alleged sex offender worked on as they claim that there were many other songs by Jimin that could have been included in the upcoming album that honors the group's work over the last nine years. One user said, "Are ARMY going to call out Bighit and the members for bringing up a song made by a criminal (Bobby Jeong)? Or are re we OK supporting whoever now that it's not Jk lol!?"

One user said, "You know what an anthology album is." Why are you speaking so condescendingly? don't you know that all of you are the heartless and brainless ones? they could have easily excluded jeong bobby, they could have re-recorded and filtered the parts he was involved in." Another user asked, "Why is @BTS_twt working with a sex criminal musician Jung Bobby who went on trial for physical assault and illegal molka filming of women?"

One user said, "The way armys can be [email protected] apologist for their meaw meaw literally defending that bobby jung in qrts pushing lots of narratives but dragged jk for taking a pic with jay park the double standards of that fandom is insane, over morals when it suits them." One more user said, "Dont want to drag any SA victim suffering into petty fanwar. Bobby Jung literally an a**hole.. he abused his GF to the point her GF did su!cide attempt(s). And for any VIP who use this card to fuel the fanwar you aint better than those f*kers."

One user said, "He was indicted twice for physical assault & molka in 2020-21. Not sure about the current trial status." One user said, "Yuck I didn’t know about that bobby jung stuff. definitely affects my enjoyment of songs he’s involved in and whether I can comfortably stream them."














'It's not HYBE or BTS' fault'

On the other hand, some fans are defending the boys, stating that even though Jung Bobby is credited for the song, he worked on it before he was a convicted criminal. These fans also claimed that while the sex offender is part of the credits on the single, there are many other people credited to the track. Fans are also claiming that it is not right for older songs from the boy group to be dropped out just because someone who worked on them had been involved in scandals much after its release.

One fan said, "Jung Bobby's presence isn't new in this upcoming album. This isn't a new song. Was originally released before the accusations were made against him. Now what do you want from them! It's their song . They can't remove his credit." Another fan said, "I agree with you jung bobby is a piece of s**t but in this situation it's differences between work and personal life it's not hybe or bts fault if that guy got exposed earlier they'd never worked with him too but everything was too late they can't erase his name from the credits."

One fan defended, "And why the three women who ACTUALLY wrote that song should pay for s**t they didn't even get involved in? it's not their fault if the fad jung bobby turned out to be a freak, you f**king moron." One more fan said, "The song BTS wroked with Jung Bobby on was released before the accusations happened. Seungri's scandal happened 2 years ago. You're unprofessional as f**k and YOU should have done your research. If you don't wanna get a reaction, do your job properly. Victimizing yourself is wack."

Another fan said, "Nobody is excusing Jung Bobby. filter was released before any of his accusations the song had already existed but the fact that you’re a hypocrite when you hyped up the recent comeback of a criminal makes you look stupid shut up bro fr."









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