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What is 'Airport Twitter'? BTS fans amused at sudden love, asks if it's hint to 'world tour stops'

Official Twitter accounts of international airports are tweeting about BTS
UPDATED APR 29, 2022
Twitter accounts of airports share their love for BTS (@bts_bighit, @PHLAirport, @universalmusg, @flyONT, @ParisAeroport/Twitter)
Twitter accounts of airports share their love for BTS (@bts_bighit, @PHLAirport, @universalmusg, @flyONT, @ParisAeroport/Twitter)

It is no secret that even the general public is turning into BTS fans at a rapid rate. After the global K-pop group was invited to the Grammys and was set to have four solo concerts at the biggest stadium in Las Vegas, the city turned into ‘Borahaegas’ as it bathed its strips and hotels with purple light, BTS’ official color. We also have McDonald’s hinting at the return of the BTS meal which broke the Internet back in 2021 and became one of the most profitable and sold-out meals of the fast-food chain. And now airports all over the world are showing their love.

On April 28, ARMY was confused as several official Twitter accounts of airports all over the world started tweeting about BTS, their lyrics and the color purple. We had airports of Atlanta, Miami, Sydney, Paris, London, Singapore, Chile, Canada, Brazil, Spain and more joining in on the fun as they ended up trending #AirportTwitter. Some posted photos of the sky in purple while others outright tweeted gifs of BTS while captioning them with iconic lyrics of songs like ‘Butter’, ‘Moonchild’ and ‘Life Goes On’.

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BTS has hinted at a world tour in 2022 (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

International airports show their love for BTS

With the sudden trend, fans scrambled to understand the context. Some BTS fans wondered if these airlines and airports were collaborating with BTS on something huge or if it was just a fun trend. There were more ARMY whose imagination ran wild as they hoped that these were all hints for BTS’ world tour stops. Back during the AMAs 2021, RM had hinted that BTS was possibly planning a world tour. Well, whether or not any of these speculations come true, fans are enjoying this trend and betting which airport account will be joining next.

‘Never a dull moment’

One fan asked, “WHAT IS HAPPENING!?$&!?!!?$$!$!!!$/):.” Another joked, “I don't know what is happening with all these airports but I'm praying there are really new @BTS_twt tour dates for all of these cities so we won't have to fight tooth & nails over tour tickets 😅 shouldn't have to fight you know.” One ARMY pitched the next trend, “Love that ARMY is everywhere! 💜 this needs to be a trend. Doctor ARMY, Lawyer ARMY, Teacher ARMY next?” Another fan wondered, “What’s with all these airports tweeting #BTS lyrics, they having some kind of listening party or something? Or maybe a hint to world tour stops?”





One ARMY flexed, “Never thought i would see the day where the airports around the world would twt BTS lyrics and abt ARMY   😭💜 There's never a dull moment when your ARMY.” Another fan commented, “Airports proposing to BTS to come to their cities is airports way of saying Yoongi Marry Me.” One ARMY hoped, “BORAHAE AIRLINES is this coming true ??” Another said, “I don’t care. I like the BTS tweets from #AirportTwitter. At this point I don’t care if it’s in aid of something or if it’s just for likes or if the social media account runners for the airports just want something to do. Everyone should be posting about BTS.” One fan added, “Haters : ‘the world doesn't revolves around BTS lmao’ the world : ‘yes it does’.”