'The Masked Singer' Season 7 Spoilers: Is Hayley Orrantia the Ringmaster? Here are clues

'The Masked Singer' Season 7 Spoilers: Is Hayley Orrantia the Ringmaster? Here are clues
'The Masked Singer' fans believe Hayley Orrantia is underneath the Ringmaster costume (FOX & Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

The members of Group B on Season 7 of 'The Masked Singer' are definitely putting up a pretty strong fight in order to secure a spot on the show's grand finale. Following the unmasking of Lemur (Christie Brinkley) and Hydra (Penn & Teller), Team Cuddly's Miss Teddy will be battling it out with Team Good Armadillo and the Ringmaster. But all eyes are on Ringmaster, not just for her elaborate costume but also for her impeccable vocals.

After wowing the judges and fans with her performance to 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus and 'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj, the Ringmaster has definitely positioned herself as a pretty strong contender in the competition. Though we will have to wait until her unmasking to know the identity of the celebrity hiding underneath the elaborate costume, that hasn't stopped the judges and the fans from trying to throw in their best guesses. While judges are convinced that it could be the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Kacey Musgraves, and even Kelly Clarkson, fans however believe that it could be 'The Goldbergs' star Hayley Orrantia behind the Ringmaster mask. Read on to know all the clues that point at this actress/ singer.


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Clues for the Ringmaster

The Ringmaster's clues were as fascinating and intriguing as her stunning costume. Her clue package kicked off with the cameras zooming in on a cereal box next to a coffee mug with the image of Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). The Ringmaster then replaces the cereal box with circus ring O's. She whispers "just don't tell your parents", and then reveals that the circus ring O's are her secret weapon that keeps the crowd eating out of her hand all night long. One of the men in black pops up and puts an "X" in the middle of a tic-tac-toe board.

We are then shown the man in black watching a bottle containing something called "Sweet Southern" being poured into the cereal bowl. The visual clues include a driver's licence from the Golden State with a picture of theGolden Gate Bridge on it. She also claims that her celebrity best friend is John Oates, and surprises everybody by saying that it's nice to see nicole again!



Is Hayley Orrantia the Ringmaster on 'The Masked Singer'?

While the clues may appear very random and disjointed, hawk-eyed fans managed to decode each of them and connected it to 'The Goldenrgs' actress Hayley Orrantia. The Golden Bridge and the Golden State from the clue package could be a nod to her role on the hit series 'The Goldbergs' where she reprises the role of Erica Goldberg. John Oates made a cameo on an episode of the hit show, so the celebrity best friend clue could be a nod to it. 

As for the mysterious X on the tic-tac-toe board, as it turns out, Hayley made her big debut in the showbiz world by competing on 'The X Factor', a show that happens to be judged by Nicole Scherzinger! So, that explains the Ringmaster's clue about seeing Nicole again. Finally, the fact that Hayley was a background singer on the 'Hannah Montana' show nicely rounds off the whole clue package. 



A fan tweeted, "The Ringmaster IS Hayley Orrantia from The Goldberg's, I know her voice anywhere #TheMaskedSinger." "Ringmaster is Hayley Orrantia from The Goldbergs.. Born in the Golden State of Cali in 1994..she was a contestant on x factor when Nicole was a judge and girl has written songgs for other artists #TheMaskedSinger," wrote a fan. "I know who the ringmaster is, She was on the show called the goldbergs, And the ringmaster is none other than the one and only hayley orrantia #TheMaskedSinger," commented a fan. "Not Hayley Orantia aka The Ringmaster -Slapping "Sweet and Southern" on a bottle of ("strong")alcohol (Her single is called Strong, Sweet and Southern) only for people to yell Olivia Rodrigo in her face. #TheMaskedSinger," pointed out a fan.






While all the clues do point at Hayley Orrantia possibly being Ringmaster, we will have to wait until the unmasking to see whether it is indeed her or not. We can't wait to see who is hiding underneath the Ringmaster mask, but until then we'll be looking for more clues that might confirm our guesses.

'The Masked Singer' Season 7 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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