'The Masked Singer': Hydra unmasked as Penn & Teller, here are clues you may have missed

'The Masked Singer': Hydra unmasked as Penn & Teller, here are clues you may have missed
Hydra was revealed as famous magician duo Penn & Teller on 'The Masked Singer' (FOX)

After Ken Jeong rightly guessed the identity of Lemur as supermodel/ entrepreneur Christie Brinkley, he appeared to be on a roll when he declared that Hydra was none other than Three Amigos aka Chevy chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, as the celebrities hiding underneath the three-headed massive costume. While all the clues seemed to point at the famous comedy trio, turns out it was actually magician duo Penn & Teller who were hiding underneath the Hydra mask.

The recently aired episode of 'The Masked Singer' featured Team Bad's Hydra competing with his fellow Group B members- Team Good's Armadillo and Ringmaster and Team Cuddly's Miss Teddy, for a spot in the grand finale. Sadly, Armadillo and Hydra got the lowest number of votes from the audience, so the duo had to duel it out to retain their spot in the singing competition show. Unfortunately, Hydra lost the battle and had to unmask. Robin Thicke, Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy, were curious to see how many celebrities were hiding underneath the massive costume and also their identity. 


'The Masked Singer': Lemur unmasked as Christie Brinkley, here are clues you may have missed

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Once it was revealed that it was the famous magician duo Penn & Teller along with their bunny puppet underneath the Hydra costume, there was a wave of surprise. Nicole was ecstatic over guessing the Hydra's identity correctly, while the other judges were pleasantly surprised. The famous duo then began decoding the clues shown in their clue package. They admitted that the usually silent Teller sang for the most part as they wanted to throw the judges off from guessing their identity.

The mega clue of joker deck of cards was a hint to Penn & Teller's TV show 'Fool Us'. The water skis with Miami written on them were a nod to the duo's appearance on 'Miami Vice'. The Shark in their clue package was a clue to their appearance on 'Sharknado 3'. Fans too were surprised to see Penn & Teller emerge from underneath the Hydra mask. A fan tweeted, "#TheMaskedSinger omg Penn and Teller were #Hydra ? Never would guess. I thought I did hear penns voice tough." Another fan wrote, "Holy crap I NEVER would have guessed Penn and Teller! #TheMaskedSinger #Hydra."






Another fan shared, "Heartbroken that Hydra have gone, but thrilled to have guessed it instantly! On this show there’s a lot of talk about musical legends being easy to guess, but @pennjillette & @MrTeller are too legendary not to know! #TheMaskedSinger @MaskedSingerFOX." "Yoooooo it clicked with me just before they got eliminated that Penn and Teller were the Hydra! I cannot believe I guessed that right at the last minute! #TheMaskedSinger," expressed a fan. "The Hydra was one of my favorite costumes in the history of the show! You were were amazing, Penn and Teller! #TheMaskedSinger #maskedsinger," commented a fan.





'The Masked Singer' Season 7 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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