'The Masked Singer': Lemur unmasked as Christie Brinkley, here are clues you may have missed

'The Masked Singer': Lemur unmasked as Christie Brinkley, here are  clues you may have missed
Lemur was revealed as Christie Brinkley on 'The Masked Singer' (FOX)

Who knew that it took just one right guess for the audience's chant to change from 'No, Ken' to 'Go, Ken'? 'The Masked Singer' judge Ken Jeong's wild guesses on the identity of the celebrities hiding underneath the elaborate costumes kept the audience entertained, as the 'Community' star dropped big names such as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Aniston as some of the celebrities crooning on the FOX show. But his guess of supermodel/ entrepreneur Christie Brinkley as Lemur turned out to be correct.

Despite his wild guesses, the judge surprised everybody by guessing the identity of Lemur right. Clad in glittery tights and sparkling jewelry, Team Cuddly's Lemur began crooning to 'I Feel the Earth Move' by Carole King' with hopes of earning a spot on the finale and eventually taking home the trophy. After watching the furry creature's performance and her clue package comprising of a rolling stone, guitar lamp, a Hart magazine cover and a bottle of eye cream, the judges Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken, began racking their brains trying to figure out who could be hiding underneath the costume.


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Lemur on 'The Masked Singer' (FOX)


Robin thought that Lemur was Melanie Griffith, while Jenny was leaning toward Pamela Anderson. Nicole guessed Goldie Hawn to be hiding underneath the Lemur mask, but Ken got it right with Christie. Once the audience voted out Lemur from the competition, the furry creature had to unmask and reveal her identity. When Christie emerged from underneath the costume, everybody was pleasantly surprised by Ken's spot-on guess. Ken thanked Christie for saving his reputation on the show.

The puzzled judges began asking Christie what the clues from her clue package meant. The lamp and the image of Lemur cruising in a red convertible car was a reference to her iconic cameo in the film 'National Lampoon Vacation'. The Hart magazine was a nod to her role of Roxie Hart in the broadway play 'Chicago'. 

Fans were pleasantly surprised with the reveal as well. A fan tweeted, "I can’t believe Christie Brinkley was on the show. I loved it. She makes a cute lemur I must say. #themaskedsinger." Another fan wrote, "Ken Jeong is a GENIUS #TheMaskedSinger No one was guessing Christie Brinkley not even on twitter." "Oh wow christie brinkley im shocked ken is right #TheMaskedSinger," added a fan.





Christie Brinkley (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)


"Wouldn't have guessed Christie Brinkley #TheMaskedSinger," shared a fan. "The Lemur is none other than… supermodel-actress CHRISTIE BRINKLEY!!! She’s 68 years young. She was once married to @BillyJoel, who’s song #UptownGirl made him fall in love with her. Congrats, ⁦@SeaBrinkley⁩, for being on Season 7 of #TheMaskedSinger!!!" pointed a fan. "Wow!! Crazy night... #LemurMask is Christie Brinkley!! And Ken got it right... #TheMaskedSinger @FOXTV," commented a fan.





'The Masked Singer' Season 7 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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