Who is Isaiah Harmison? Texas gym instructor sets Shannon's heart racing on 'Love Island'

The new islander on 'Love Island', Isaiah Harmison, is currently looking for someone who will be his perfect match, considering he is very picky

                            Who is Isaiah Harmison? Texas gym instructor sets Shannon's heart racing on 'Love Island'
'Love Island' star Isaiah Harmison (CBS)

Just as the islanders were beginning to settle down after the first recoupling ceremony on 'Love Island' Season 3, the showrunners decided to throw a curveball and make things more interesting by throwing another hot single into the mix.

This time around, they roped in Isaiah Harmison to set the ladies' heart racing. The recoupling featured Trina Njoroge losing her partner Jeremy Hershenberg to new islander Aimee Flores. So she half-heartedly coupled up with Korey Gandy and decided to keep her eyes wide open for new romantic prospects. So, if you thought Isaiah's grand entrance would set Trina's heart racing, then you couldn't be more wrong. Although the new islander grabbed everybody's attention, it seemed like Shannon St Clair was the most excited to see Isaiah. If you are curious to know more about this new islander who could potentially tear Josh Goldstein and Shannon's relationship apart, then read on.


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Who is Isaiah Harmison?

Isaiah is a 25-year-old personal trainer from Houston, Texas. He is originally from Wisconsin but moved to Texas two years ago. According to his Instagram bio, he is the founding instructor of a gym in Houston called Barry's. One look at his Insta page and it's very evident that this 25-year-old loves gym, his family and also vacations. There are several posts dedicated to his workouts and promoting his classes. He also frequently posts his transformation pictures to motivate people to embark on their fitness journey.

Looking at his perfectly toned physique you might think that Isaiah always loved working out, but that reportedly isn't true. In one of his earlier posts, the personal trainer revealed that he hated going to the gym when he was in high school. He wrote, "Fun Fact: I used to hate the gym in high school But what changed from high school as I entered college? Why did working out go from me hating it to me not being able to go a day without it? In order to answer this question you first need to understand what two things drive everything we do in life. Those two things are PAIN and PLEASURE." "Every action we take is either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. But how people act to certain situations is clearly not the same for everyone. This is because pain and pleasure is simply linked to the meaning we put to things. For example: many people link tremendous amounts of pain to going to the gym because they think that they will embarrass themselves, they will be stared at, exercise is just too hard, it takes up too much time, etc. Whereas I link a tremendous amount of pleasure to going to the gym because I know if I put in the work I will look the way I want and feel the way I want," he explained.


Isaiah also revealed in another post that he dealt with Cushing's Disease seven years ago. He thanked his doctor for providing him and his family with care during the tough time. He shared, "The impact that Dr. Kashmiri had on my life can’t even be put into words. I am forever grateful for the care he provided to my family and I through that hard time. Because of him I live a normal and healthy life. Because of him I was able to find my passion for health, wellness, and fitness, and am now able to use my passion to help others."

Isaiah revealed in his introduction that he was in a toxic relationship for five years and recently got out of it. He is currently looking for someone who will be his perfect match, considering he is very picky. The two girls who caught Isaiah's eye are Aimee and Shannon. He felt that he could have intellectual and mature conversations with Aimee, while he was drawn to Shannon's beauty. Shannon on her end declared that she would be dumb not to pursue Isaiah considering his hot looks and also Josh's behavior towards her. Shannon was very upset when he kissed Aimee in front of her in an earlier episode and hasn't entirely forgiven him for it. So we wouldn't be surprised if Isaiah and Shannon end up becoming the new couple. We will just have to wait and watch to see how things play out.


'Love Island' Season 3 airs on Tuesday through Friday at 9pm ET/PT on CBS. In addition, Love Island will air on Sunday nights from 9-11pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season.

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