Will Cinco pick Lei-Yen? 'Love Island' fans want Trina to face 'karma for her shady behavior'

While Trina Njoroge tried to steal Melvin 'Cinco' Holland from Cashay Proudfoot, 'Love Island' fans are hoping Lei-Yen will change the game

                            Will Cinco pick Lei-Yen? 'Love Island' fans want Trina to face 'karma for her shady behavior'
'Love Island' stars Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr, Lei-Yen and Trina Njoroge (CBS)

Newly single Trina Njoroge is ready to go to any lengths to save her spot on 'Love Island'. Since the goal of the game is to stay coupled up in order to not get eliminated, Trina is desperately looking around to find herself a new match after her partner Jeremey Hershberg and Aimee Flores coupled up during the first recoupling of the season. 

When Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr first stepped into the villa, although Trina found him attractive she decided to keep her distance from him as he reminded her of her ex-boyfriends who looked like him and treated her poorly. When it was time for Cinco to choose his partner, he picked Cashay Proudfoot, and the couple is trying to get to know each other and strengthen their relationship. Unfortunately, things are always uncertain and rocky on 'Love Island'. Although Trina coupled up with Korey Gandy, she was still looking for a romantic partner and her eyes were on Cinco. Despite him being coupled up with her friend Cashay, Trina didn't hesitate to make her move on him.


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The recently aired episode featured Trina pulling Cinco aside and trying to kiss him after declaring her interest in him. But Cinco politely lets her down by explaining that although he too is attracted to her, he is coupled up with Cashay so he can't do anything about it. When Cashay learned about it, she was taken aback by Trina's shady behavior. Later Trina came clean to Cashay and explained to her that she wanted to pursue Cinco and was going to make her move on him. Although Cashay gave her blessings to Trina, she was still hurt on seeing the chemistry between them and felt like she wasn't enough for Cinco.

Fans felt bad about seeing Cashay get upset. Many fans began speculating that Cinco might recouple with Trina in the upcoming recoupling ceremony, leaving Cashay by herself. But fans aren't ready to let Trina off the hook just yet for hurting Cashay, so many of them began hoping for new islander Lei Yen Rapp to make Cinco's head turn. A fan tweeted, "If Trina takes Cinco from Cash, I hope Lei Yan takes Cinco from Trina. #loveislandusa." Another fan wrote, "After that kiss Cinco is gone. Only Lei Yen could distract him from Trina now. I can't wait for Lei Yen to show them how it's done #LoveIslandUSA." "Manifesting Cash end it with Cinco in the night so by morning the new girl and Trina fight for Cinco #Loveislandusa," commented a fan.




'Love Island' Season 3 contestant Cashay Proudfoot (CBS)

Another fan joked, "I bet when Cinco picks a new girl, Trina is gonna run to Cash for support LMAOOO #LoveIslandUSA." "Honestly I wish Cinco would just pick Trina and leave my girl Cash alone. I would rather have Trina get dumped for the new girl than Cash! Give her a little karma for her shady behavior #loveislandusa," expressed a fan. "See, I had a feeling Trina couldn’t be trusted! I hope he connects with a new girl and her safety is threatened. #LoveIslandUSA," seconded another fan.




Since Lei Yen too seems to have her eyes on Cinco, her arrival on the island will definitely stir up some trouble irrespective of who Cinco is coupled up with. 

'Love Island' Season 3 airs from Tuesdays to Fridays at 9pm ET/PT on CBS. In addition, 'Love Island' will air on Sunday nights from 9-11pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season.

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