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Will Josh date new contestant Florita? 'Love Island' fans say Shannon 'is playing games'

Shannon and Josh's relationship is at an all-time low and with three new women on 'Love Island' it might get worse, especially Florita
UPDATED JUL 12, 2021
Shannon St Claire, Josh Goldstein and Florita Diaz on 'Love Island' (CBS)
Shannon St Claire, Josh Goldstein and Florita Diaz on 'Love Island' (CBS)

With the girls of 'Love Island' making their pick, the couples on this season are starting to feel the heat as they all bid farewell to Christian Longnecker. But while the contestants are partnered up, some new additions might rock the boat.

An interesting outcome of this episode was Jeremy Hershberg ending up with Aimee Flores, while Trina Njoroge found herself with Korey Gandy, willing to explore the idea of a relationship.


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Olivia Kaiser surprisingly picked Javonny Vega over Christian, seeing that she has slowly begun to enjoy his fun and quirky side. She even realized that he can also be sexy and charming. Trina, however, seemed heartbroken because while she tried her best to get to Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr, he seemed to choose Cashay Proudfoot over her, even though he previously expressed his interest.

Forced to make a choice regardless, Trina went with Gandy, hoping to get to know him better as a friend, even if they weren't entirely romantically involved. However, the real drama of this episode was caused by Shannon St Claire and Josh Goldstein.


After Josh kissed Aimee during the challenge, Shannon was livid. She blamed Josh entirely for making a fool of her, seeing that Aimee was already pursuing Jeremy at this point. Josh apologized to her, but it seemed like it was in vain, seeing that Shannon made it clear that he was making her experience here a bad one and thus had no particular reason to keep him safe. However, when it came down to recoupling, Shannon, who had to pick between Josh and Christian, went with Josh. 

Fans were feeling a certain kind of way after watching the drama unfold. "Shannon why the hell you pick Josh after going off earlier #LoveIslandUSA," asked a fan. "I bet If shannon was given a the chance to pick earlier, she wouldn't have gone for Josh. She went for him cus of limited option ( Christian) #LoveIslandUSA," replied another. 

"How is Shannon saying she's been "Team Josh" when she kept saying how she wants to leave her options open. The girl is playing games. #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out another. "Good play by the editors/producers tho making sure they aired Shannon literally saying she would save Christian over Josh earlier in the day… I see what they did there. Yikesssss #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out a fan.





While the couple is still together, this episode also teased the arrival of three new female cast members and a male one. While we don't know much about the male cast member, here's a look at the three new girls ready to join the house. First off is Lei Yen Rapp, who has expressed her interest in going on a date with Cinco. Then there is Florita Diaz, who is interested in Josh, and Roxanna Ahmad aka Roxy also has her eyes on Cinco. 

Lei Yen Rapp (Instagram/ @loveislandusa)
Florita Diaz (Instagram/ @loveislandusa)

Roxanna 'Roxy' Ahmad (Instagram/ @loveislandusa)

With Lei Yen, Roxy and Trina all vying for Cinco's attention, his relationship with Cashay might be in serious trouble. Whereas for Josh and Shannon, do you think he'll be able to resist Florita? Or will he pick her over Shannon as he did with Aimee? Plus, the entry of a new mystery man might be the perfect opportunity for Shannon to dump Josh before he even knows what hit him. Let us know what you think will happen in the comment section below. 

'Love Island' Season 3 airs from Tuesday till Friday at 9 pm ET/PT on CBS. In addition, 'Love Island' will air on Sunday nights from 9-11 pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season.