Who is the first to be eliminated on 'Love Island'? A look at the current couples

From new couples to old drama, here's a look at who was eliminated from the show this week

                            Who is the first to be eliminated on 'Love Island'? A look at the current couples
Will Moncada, Christian Longnecker, Jeremy Hershberg, Josh Goldstein, Javonny Vega, Melvin Holland Jr and Korey Gandy on 'Love Island' (Instagram/ loveislandusa)

For the contestants of 'Love Island', the couples are truly living it up, seeing that they get to stay in a stunning villa in Hawaii, all while on the quest to find love. But those who can't seem to make meaningful connections face the likelihood of being eliminated.

With newcomer Aimee Flores stepping in and stirring the pot, Trina Njoroge setting her eyes on Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr and Shannon St Claire and Josh Goldstein having a massive argument, the boys' necks were on the line, as the girls got to pick their partners.


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With an elimination taking place this episode, it was up to the girls to pick who they wanted to be partnered with. Seeing that there were now six girls and 7 boys, it meant that one of them was sure to end up going home on this episode.

The first person to make her pick was Aimee. Having gone on a date with both, Jeremy Hershberg and Will Moncada, it seemed like her choice could go either way, seeing that both dates went well and both of the men have made it clear that they are quite interested in her, Jeremy more so than Will. Plus, during the 'Babewatch' challenge, Korey Gandy picked Aimee as his choice and passionately kissed her as well, which came as a bit of a surprise. When it boiled down to her pick, she partnered with Jeremy seeing that she felt like they had great chemistry together.



Up next was Kyra Lizama. Although she has had recent troubles with Will, seeing that Aimee and he connected instantly, Aimee also picked him to go out on a date. But Will made it up to her by making her breakfast and reassuring her that she is the one for him. It came as no surprise that Kyra partnered with Will.



When it came to Cashay Proudfoot, she stated that the person she picked made her feel protected, seen, heard and respected. Cashay went with Cinco as her choice, seeing that the two of them have been growing closer, both emotionally and physically. However, Trina still has her eyes on Cinco, and he doesn't seem entirely opposed to the idea. Will Cashay and Cinco last? Only time will tell.

For Olivia Kaiser, making this decision was far from easy, seeing that she has currently been involved with Javonny Vega, however, their relationship has been rather platonic. She did feel as though she has chemistry with Christian Longnecker, as the two often spoke and cosied up. Both Christian and Javonny kissed her during the challenge, although Javonny really stepped his game up, determined to show her his sexy side. It's a bet that paid off, seeing that she picked him to stay partnered with.



Watching Trina's selection was not easy, seeing that she was no longer with Jeremy and now, Cinco was with Cashay. For her, she had to make a choice, even though her options were not on the list. Trina voiced her vulnerability and mentioned that she would pick someone she has only recently understood after misjudging him. Thus, she chose Korey to stay partnered with.

The real drama of the episode came when Shannon had to make her final pick. Seeing that Josh had chosen Aimee over her during the challenge, Shannon was thoroughly annoyed during the entire debacle, making it clear that he was making her experience in the villa a terrible one. For Josh, his safety genuinely seemed uncertain, looking at just how upset Shannon was. When it came down to her choice, she mentioned that she hopes this person doesn't let her down and decided to give Josh another chance.

This left Christian without a partner, and thus he was eliminated from the house. While the guys bid farewell to a friend, the women took to Shannon's side to comfort her, seeing that she felt emotionally distraught after making that decision.



Do you think Shannon and Josh have what it takes to go all the way?  To know more about what happened behind the scenes post this elimination, you can catch a special episode that airs tomorrow at 9pm on Paramount +. 'Love Island' Season 3 airs Tuesday through Friday at 9 pm ET/PT on CBS. In addition, Love Island will air on Sunday nights from 9-11 pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season.

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