Who is Aimee Flores? Private chef hopes to settle down after finding her man on 'Love Island'

Barely an epsiode in and Aimee Flores has already proved to be quite the threat

                            Who is Aimee Flores? Private chef hopes to settle down after finding her man on 'Love Island'
Aimee Flores on 'Love Island' (Instagram/ aimeeflores_)

Finding a real, lasting connection is not easy and if there is anyone who can vouch for that, it would be the cast of 'Love Island'. While most of the contestants have already paired off, you never know when they might change their mind and decide to flirt with someone else on the show.

As the couples cosy up and get to know each other better,  Korey Gandy and Christian Longnecker remain the only two men without partners, putting them at the risk of elimination. But now, there is a new islander on the show, ready to balance the scales or tip it instead? Enter Aimee-Rose Francis, the latest edition (or threat, for the ladies) on the show! Here's what we know about her so far.


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Who is Aimee Flores?

The 26-year-old is a private chef from Los Angeles. Her parents are from Mexico. During her introduction to the show, Flores said she is used to living the high life and often travels and lives it up. However, she would be willing to settle down and live a simple life if she were to find the right man.

And she's hoping to do just that on the show -- she aims to find a love that will end in marriage and children, much to the fans' amusement.


Is Flores on Instagram?

Yes, Flores is on Instagram. You can follow her @aimeeflores_. Unlike the rest of her 'Love Island' counterparts, she does not have a massive following, at 8,495 followers as of this article. But seeing that she is now a part of the show, that number is likely to change. Her profile features a lot of travel, seeing that she does enjoy the finer things in life.


Who is a potential match for her?

Barely an episode in, and Flores is already stirring the pot, seeing that she picked Josh Goldstein as her date for the evening. They both got to spend time in a private hot tub, much to Shannon St Claire's annoyance. For fans keeping up with the show, Shannon and Josh have been a steady item so far.

But it looks like that might change since Aimee told him that she picked him from the lot because she found him attractive and wanted to get to know him better. In the preview for the next episode, Aimee also tells all the girls that she plans on getting to know all the guys better before making her choice, which seems to set off alarms. Moreover, the preview features her getting all hot and heavy with Josh, Jeremy and Korey -- implying that no one is safe!


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