NCT 127's online fan meeting: Air date, time, how to watch, tickets for 5th anniversary event

NCT 127's online fan meeting: Air date, time, how to watch, tickets for 5th anniversary event
NCT 127 will soon be celebrating their fifth anniversary (Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

While the ever-growing, never-fixed rotational concept did not work out with Super Junior, SM decided to have a go at it again with the debut of NCT. The 23 member group (and counting) debuted with only 6 members back in April 2016. However, 2 months later, another sub-unit was introduced which turned out to be the much loved NCT 127. Since then, this particular sub-unit has garnered a lot of attention and fans with their music and concepts. To give back the love, NCT 127 is going all out for their 5th anniversary with a special virtual 'meet and greet' called ‘Beyond LIVE - NCT 127 Online Fanmeeting Office: Foundation Day.’

The pandemic may have put a stop to events and activities all around the world, but South Korea and the K-Pop industry weren’t as affected. Quickly adapting to the new environment and taking advantage of the technology available, K-pop events have gone online. SM, in fact, introduced the first paid online concert with 'Beyond Live.' Since then, everything has become virtual. From interviews to foreign variety shows, NCT 127 has been participating in all kinds of events, albeit online. While offline and in-person meet and greets are finally opening up too, fan meetings via video calls have been one of the greatest innovations yet to bridge the distance betweens idols and their fanbase. For people who cannot travel to South Korea to meet their idols, online video call events have become an accessible alternative, allowing many to finally interact with their beloved artists. NCT 127 is taking full advantage of the online format with their 5th-anniversary virtual fan meeting.


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Date and time

The ‘Beyond LIVE - NCT 127 Online Fanmeeting Office: Foundation Day’ will be held on the same day as the group’s release of their debut single, 'Firetruck.' On July 7, 2021, at 8 PM KST (7 AM ET), NCT 127 will talk with their fans online from across the world through the 'meet and greet' event.




It is a paid event and tickets will be available for those who want to stream the live. It will be available on Naver V Live+ as well as the site, Yes24 from 3 PM KST (2 AM ET) on 29th of June. There will be no VOD release nor will the live be re-streamed.



How to watch

The virtual event will be exactly like a physical fanmeet. NCT 127 will have segments where they will talk about their past, their discography and also play games. This will all be streamed in Naver V Live’s Beyond LIVE channel.


Watch NCT 127's latest single below:


Excited about the fan meet? Catch it on 7th July at 8 PM KST (7 AM ET)


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