What is NCT 127's NCIT concept? Jungwoo and Haechan's Instagram debut sparks comeback rumors

NCT 127 introduced a university concept for their comeback along with launching personal Instagram accounts for Jungwoo and Haechan

                            What is NCT 127's NCIT concept? Jungwoo and Haechan's Instagram debut sparks comeback rumors
Jungwoo and Haechan open Instagram accounts (@nct127/Instagram)

It has been a while since we got an NCT 127 comeback. After all 23 members got together for NCT 2020 last year, the sub-units again dispersed for their individual projects. While NCT Dream continued to make records with their ‘Hello Future’ album and WayV came back with ‘Kick Back’ and solo singles, NCT 127 isn’t doing much. They had a Japanese release earlier this year and a promotional single but that’s about it. Fans have eagerly been waiting for a proper comeback from this particular sub-unit.

During their 5th-anniversary fan-meeting, the boys did let it slip that NCT 127 would be having a comeback soon. But NCTzens were getting impatient as they could see the social media layouts constantly change for NCT Dream and WayV while NCT 127’s was stuck in the ‘Resonance’ era from 2020. We are finally getting some news with Jungwoo and Haechan opening their Instagram accounts.

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Jungwoo and Haechan open Instagram accounts

Out of the 23 members, almost everyone has opened an Instagram account by now. Lucas and Ten were the first ones to do so to promote their supergroup SuperM while Taeil was the latest NCT and NCT 127 member to join. In fact, he is a Guinness World Record holder for getting 1 million followers in the fastest time. And he did this without getting verified, having a profile photo to identify him or a bio and name which impressed everyone. Well, the only two NCT 127 members that didn’t have an account were Jungwoo and Haechan.


Haechan, in fact, had claimed that he would never open one. But well, here we are. On August 20, Jungwoo and Haechan opened their Instagrams and both have already reached 1M followers without any posts. This means that all NCT 127 members now have an account on the social media platform. Fans also noticed that all of them had also changed their layout including the official NCT 127 page with hints at the concept of the group’s upcoming comeback.


'NCIT' concept for NCT 127

NCT 127’s page changed their name to ‘NCIT: Neo Culture Institute of Technology’ and they, including the members, changed their bios to the likes of ‘NCIT Coding Crew’, 'Information Security' and 'NCDC' and 'Computer Science & Engineering'. These could be their majors. The members also added batch years on which they’re supposed to graduate from this NCIT university. The concept is pretty apt since we’re almost at the end of summer and will be getting into the back-to-school season next month.



With 19 of the NCT members opening their Instagrams, fans are now hoping the remaining members do so too by making memes, “Manifesting circle: JENO,JISUNG, CHENLE, SUNGCHAN INSTAGRAM ACC.” They were also surprised that they missed the obvious spoiler from Taeil, “Not @ nctzens clowning taeil that time when they thought he just misspelled nct to ncit but it's actually a spoiler, I CANNOT.” Some were also confused as to why NCT was trending as they were overwhelmed with the news, “NCT 127 CHANGED THEIR LAYOUT" "JUNGWOO AND HAECHAN INSTAGRAM" NCTZENS WHO JUST WOKE UP:.”




'College theme'

NCTzens also made double-take memes as they couldn’t believe that Jungwoo and Haechan had finally opened an Instagram. They also brought back Jungwoo’s mechanical engineering degree, “The fact that nct 127 changed their layout to NCIT (MIT themed) and chose to post kim jungwoo, the engineering student first, radiates big brain energy !!!” One commented, “Why does this feel like a social media AU sfsgshdbsfs.” We also had Jaehyun trending since he is one of the most inactive members. So fans knew something was up when he changed his profile photo. Another posted, “127 doing college theme for their comeback means we're going to get to see more college boyfriend haechan.”







They also got used to the idea of a university concept as they made memes like, “NCIT ‘s baseball team,” and “Why this skater boy keep tryna show me moves on NCIT campus ?” Another added, “Me the night before the ncit entrance exams.” One joked, “Me after getting my degree at NCIT.” Some even wondered if was even related to the comeback in the first place, “Nctzens trying to figure out if this NCIT thing is the comeback concept or just for another youtube content.” NCT 127 also released a timetable that fans found hilarious, “Haechan teaching theory of kwangya studies and mark teaching understanding SMCU suddenly i am a kwangya and SMCU enjoyer.”