NCT's Lucas and Hendery's 'Jalapeño': Release date and all you need to know about the single

NCT’s Chinese group WayV announced their second official sub-unit with Lucas and Hendery

                            NCT's Lucas and Hendery's 'Jalapeño': Release date and all you need to know about the single
Hendery and Lucas from WayV to release 'Jalapeño' (@WayV_official)

August has been a busy month for NCTzens and the boys from the 23 member group would like to keep it that way for their fans. Members of NCT have released solo titles for their fans like Ten’s English single, ‘Paint Me Naked’ while there have been other duo releases with Haechan and Doyoung coming together for a sub-unit collab when they vocalized for the song, ‘Maniac’ for Ryan Jhun that fans were just blown away by.

That was not the end for NCT and their back-to-back releases. NCT U’s hit song, ‘Make a Wish’ got its own orchestra version which gave the peppy dance song a sweet classical twist. And then came the collab that fans could not get enough of as Ten and YangYang from NCT’s official Chinese sub-unit, WayV came with ‘Low Low’ soon after which NCT 127 hinted a sub-unit comeback.


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Lucas and Hendery for Jalapeno

WayV, the six-member Chinese coalition of NCT has been divided into its own sub-unit division since June of 2021. WayV’s Kun and Xiaojun formed the first sub-unit of NCT and released their pop ballad single album titled, ‘Back to You’ and then came the second sub-unit of WayV with Ten and YangYang not long after with their hip-hop single titled, ‘Low Low.’


Release date

On August 20, WayV took to Twitter to tease their third and probably final sub-unit with members, Lucas and Hendery. Their debut single is called, ‘Jalapeno’ and is all set to release on August 25, 2021, at 6 pm KST (5 am ET) on all leading music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and melOn. 


They revealed the duo concept photos for this new single alongside solo concept photos with Hendery in a yellow jacket, a white shirt, and silver pants while Lucas on the other hand wore a red jacket with a black shirt and black pants. From the looks of it, it seemed like they were both at a nightclub by the bar. It plays out as a spicy party hip-hop single from the duo.


‘Lucas papi chulo confirmed’

Fans have been reacting to these announcements with a lot of emotions. One emotional fan made a reference to a Spanish phrase saying, “Lucas papi chulo confirmed.” While one fan thanked another member of WayV, Xiaojun for leaking a spoiler, “Thx for the spoiler, xiaojun.”

One fan said, “MAN HIS VISUAL IS THE BEST IN THE WORLDDDDDSASDSJSJSJS NOT ONLY THAT BUT ALSO!!! HE HAS AMAZING CARING PERSONALITY. LUCAS WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH I'M SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYY,” about Lucas and another said, “I haven't processed it yet.” For Hendery one fan stated, “DUDE U FINE AF.” and another said, “HELPPP PWHATTT THEY LOOKED GOOD WTFF I!” for the duo.