Who is J-Pop boy group &Team? Winners of HYBE survival show '&AUDITION - The Howling' revealed, fans go gaga

Who is J-Pop boy group &Team? Winners of HYBE survival show  '&AUDITION - The Howling' revealed, fans go gaga
The HYBE survival show '&Audition' winners: K, Fuma, Nicholas, EJ, Yuma, JO, Harua, Taki, and Maki (andTEAMofficial/Twitter)

TOKYO, JAPAN: The Howling was a Japanese and South Korean competition that followed the formation and debut of Hybe label Japan's first boy band &TEAM, who were revealed in the live finale 'FINAL ROUND' on Saturday, September 3. They are set to make their debut on December 7. 

Even though viewers enjoyed watching the trainees grow on Hybe's survival show '&AUDITION - The Howling', the show recently came to an end with the final special episode '&AUDITION - The Howling - FINAL ROUND'. They chose the five trainees who would be among the nine members of the Japanese group &TEAM. 


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'A team that connects with fans all over the world through music and performance'

Following the finale of the program, that was aired on YouTube, Nihon TV, and the Japanese video platform Hulu in Japan on Sunday, September 4, the agency declared the group's name to be &TEAM, and the group consists of nine debut members, including K, Fuma, Nicholas, EJ, Yuma, Jo, Harua, Taki, and Maki. Previously, K, EJ, Nicholas, and Taki also appeared on Hybe's survival show I-Land which aired on June 26, 2020, but did not make it into the current K-pop boy group ENHYPEN.

Bang Si Hyuk aka Bang PD, CEO of Hybe Labels, BTS RM, and boy group Enhypen were also present at the live stage of the finale. Bang Si Hyuk is said to have personally given the name &TEAM to the group. It is said to represent "a team that connects with fans all over the world through music and performance." Bang Si Hyuk also said, "&TEAM will grow into a group that can impress viewers and global fans through various types of music and stages. We will support them for a successful debut and continued growth." 


'They're complete as OT9 now'

Fans are overjoyed after knowing who won Hybe Entertainment's survival show '&AUDITION - The Howling' and are expressing their love and support for the members of &TEAM using the hashtag 'The Howling Finale.' They continue to congratulate them by tweeting, "Congratulations to jo, harua, maki, yuma, fuma!! and welcome, &team!!", Another one said, "They're complete as OT9 now. K, Nicholas, Euijoo, Taki, Fuma, Yuma, Jo, Harua, Maki. Congratulations boys!!! Hello &TEAM". One fan emotionally tweets about how the two groups made it through the survival show I-Land and &Audition, "two groups who made it through survival show! one is from I-LAND and the one is from &Audition The Howling. let's both give them a big clap and respect #TheHowling_FINALE". 

Whereas the fans of the contestants who didn't make it in the &Team group cheer them up by tweeting their love and support, "Eventhough the show was over, eventhough you can't get over, we will always beside you and here be your sky and you will be our SHINING STAR~ Shout out to wonchuhus that have been there during difficult time, giving all of yours, thank you so much TEAM #JUNWON". One more fan says, "I'll wait for your debut, my love! You did really well and I am beyond proud of you. #GAKU". Meanwhile another fan is upset tweeting, "He has good vocals and dancing skills! He impress me with his personality and his voice singing 'Lights' by BTS. WHY DIDN'T HE MAKE IT TO THE DEBUT GROUP? He pulled Iland K card #TheHowling_FINALE". One more fan emotionally tweets, "I'M GONNA MISS YOU'RE SMILE! I LOVE YOU #TheHowling_FINALE #HIKARU". 








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