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Blaming Tiger's 'Sexy Nukim' with BTS RM debuts at No. 3 on US iTunes as fans are 'transported to alt reality'

Blaming Tiger 'Sexy Nukim' music video is out now, featuring BTS’s RM sensual Hip-hop verses
BTS's RM and Blaming Tiger's track 'Sexy Nukim' has ARMYs loosing their minds (@balmingtiger/Twitter)
BTS's RM and Blaming Tiger's track 'Sexy Nukim' has ARMYs loosing their minds (@balmingtiger/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: BTS members have been releasing solo projects in the past few months, ever since the K-pop sensation Bangtan announced that they are on a 'temporary' hiatus. Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth on the song 'Left and Right' while J-hope released his first solo album 'Jack In The Box'. Now, the group's leader RM has collab-ed with the award-winning Korean musical group Blaming Tiger. 

Blaming Tiger is a self-described "multinational alternative K-pop band" formed up of nearly a dozen different creatives, including musicians, producers, directors, visual artists, and writers who have working together since 2018 to portray the younger generation and popularize Asian culture on a global scale. Whilst members work on their own projects and careers, Blaming Tiger releases projects featuring various members coming together. The new single 'Sexy Nukim' is their first project release in a year and a half. 


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"We wanted to show 'Asian Sexy' and 'Asian Cool'"

Blaming Tiger enlisted rappers Omega Sapien (who recently featured Vernon of Seventeen on a track), genre-hopping MC and songwriter Mudd the Student (who scored a No. 1 hit in Korea after appearing on the popular hip-hop competition 'Show Me the Money'), and rising producer-rapper bj wnjn who was the single's main producer for the new hip-hop track "Sexy Nukim". The addition of BTS RM to Blaming Tiger's track marks the first time the group has had an outside artist feature in their vocals and rap. 

In a press release, Blaming Tiger said the collective "wanted to show 'Asian Sexy' and 'Asian Cool' through the music and visuals of the new single.” The four video teasers for the track garnered over seven million views after it was shared on Instagram ahead of the release. There's no doubt that the track's 'sexy' and 'cool' messaging will be well received, stimulated by BTS RM's global profile.

Aside from music projects, RM recently announced his plans to open an art space in South Korea in an interview with The New York Times. “In particular, we are collecting works by artists from a generation that lived through the Korean War, national history dictatorships, and tremendous economic instability,” adding that “these artists aren't well-known in other countries." 


Apparently, the fans can't stop jamming to 'Sexy Nukim' and are going nuts about how the song is well composed. The music video's aesthetics based on the Hip-hop genre is also amazing. A fan tweeted the glow-up of Namjoon throughout the years saying "RUNCH RANDA had to evolve into RAP MONSTER had to evolve to RM OF BTS, to let KIM NAMJOON be able to shine with elements of all his musical era’s GOOD GOD! That verse the visuals of the song absolutely transported me to an alt reality!! FML". Whereas another fan praised Blaming Tiger and RM composing such an addictive song and promoting it, tweeted, “The song is good, the beat the lyrics & omg let's not get started on the voices!!! Stream #SEXYNUKIM by #BALMINGTIGER (@balmingtiger) feat #RM of #BTS (@BTS_twt) BALMING TIGER x RM SEXY NUKIM OUT NOW". A fan has compiled a list of 'Sexy Nukim's' accomplishments, "#SEXYNUKIM has achieved 30 #1's on iTunes Worldwide up till now—". Sexy Nukim has now reached a new peak at #3 on US iTunes, claims fan in a tweet, "SEXY NUKIM" by Balming Tiger Feat. RM of BTS has now reached a new peak at #3 on US iTunes!". Whilst a talented fan shares their fan edit based on Sexy Nukim's Music Video, tweeting "SEXY NUKIM (2022) now at your nearest vhs store!".

Looks like the buzz about 'Sexy Nukim' is not dying out any time soon!






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