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Hybe launches survival show 'I-Land 2', fans hope Chaewon and Sakura aren't in it

IZ*ONE's former members Chaewon and Sakura were rumored to debut in Hybe's new girl group
Chaewon and Sakura in talks with HYBE (@official_izone/Twitter)
Chaewon and Sakura in talks with HYBE (@official_izone/Twitter)

Mnet seems to be the frontrunner in the survival show production as they have been responsible for some of the biggest survival shows in the K-pop industry. Their shows have ended up forming iconic K-pop groups like I.O.I, IZ*ONE and Enhypen. In fact, the channel currently has two ongoing survival shows, ‘Girls Planet 999’ and ‘Street Woman Fighter’. And they have just teamed up with Hybe for ‘I-Land 2’, their next competition show. But fans hope that Chaewon and Sakura are not participating.

Mnet and Hybe first got together to produce the survival show, ‘I-Land’, last year. The winners went on to form the already popular rookie group -- Enhypen. They are currently managed under Hybe’s label BeLift Lab. After the success of the show and the subsequent boy group, Mnet and Hybe have decided to launch a second season titled ‘I-Land 2’ and this time it will be used to form and debut a girl group. And two of the rumored participants are former IZ*ONE members Chaewon and Sakura.


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Will IZ*ONE's Chaewon and Sakura join HYBE's new girl group? Fans fear it will end like GFriend

Chaewon and Sakura might be joining HYBE's new girl group (@official_izone/Instagram)

Fans wonder if Chaewon and Sakura will join 'I-Land 2'

But it should be noted that Mnet's last project group IZ*ONE that was formed through the survival show ‘Produce 48’ did not end well. While they were right at their peak, the girl group ended up disbanding. Chaewon and Sakura were two members of it. And now there have been rumors that they will be joining Hybe’s newest girl group. At first, fans were happy since Hybe houses some of the most iconic and successful boy groups like BTS, Seventeen, TXT and Enhypen. But the news of the latest survival show has irked fans of the two former IZ*ONE members.

Some fans think that Chaewon and Sakura will be made to participate in ‘I-Land 2’ and that their debut in the new girl group isn’t confirmed. After their harrowing ordeal in their first survival show ‘Produce 48’ and the disbandment of IZ*ONE, fans do not want the two girls to go through that experience once again. But some hopeful fans think that Sakura will not be participating since the show calls for those who are born between 2000 and 2009 and she is born in 1998.

Worried fans have been trending Chaewon and Sakura with tweets like, “If i see chaewon or sakura have to be on this survival show to debut with hybe i’m going to lose it.” Since Chaewon is born in 2000, one fan wondered, “No coz what if chaewon isn’t updating on ig that much coz she’s already shooting tHaT survival show…” Another hopeful fan shared, “First of all, chaewon and sakura wont join iland 2 i just know it. it would be weird if they make kkura and cw join another survival show.”