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Who are Jennifer Aniston's CELEBRITY parents? Star slammed for dissing ‘FAMOUS FOR NOTHING’ influencers

The Friends star said the vast number of people finding fame on social media is ‘sort of almost diluting our actor’s job’
UPDATED JUN 15, 2022
Jennifer Aniston's parents, Nancy Dow and John Aniston, were both actors (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Paul Harris/Online USA)
Jennifer Aniston's parents, Nancy Dow and John Aniston, were both actors (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Paul Harris/Online USA)

In a recent talk with ‘Pam & Tommy’ star Sebastian Stan for Variety’s ‘Actors on Actors’ video series, Jennifer Aniston made a few statements that didn’t go down well with netizens. She described Monica Lewinsky, Paris Hilton and others in Hollywood as people who are “famous for doing nothing”.

The 53-year-old actor was discussing the influencer culture in Hollywood during the interview and how social media has had a great impact on the concept of fame. Aniston and Stan were talking about the 1995 leak of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape when she made the comments. “It was right at the time when the internet really shaped a new culture about people becoming famous,” she said. And further added, “This thing of people becoming famous for basically doing nothing but yet having these incredible careers. And then women’s reputation ... I mean, Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, all those.”


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Monica Lewinsky (L) and Paris Hilton (R) (Photo by Rich Fury/WireImage and Victor Chavez/WireImage)

“I always say I feel lucky that we got a little taste of the industry before it became what it is today, which is just different — more streaming services, more people,” Aniston said.
“You’re famous from TikTok. You’re famous from YouTube. You’re famous from Instagram,” she added. “It’s sort of almost like it’s diluting our actor’s job.”

This comment riled people up online, with many suggesting Aniston benefited from nepotism, with her dad a famous soapie star, John Aniston. One user asked Aniston to 'look in the mirror' as she got er fame 'thanks to your Hollywood parents," while another said, "Mind you, her parents are actors." Another wrote, "A woman who got famous off the back of her writing staff attacks a group of people who have to script, film, edit and promote their own material. 4 years working 80 hour weeks for me to get to 200,000 subs. I'm a big fan of Jennifer Aniston but she has her head up her butt."




Talking about her acting skills, one said, "Jennifer Aniston shouldn't be talking about her time where only white folks were in the industry. A lot of POC folks got a taste of her industry in her time and it was not pretty. Also Aniston plays herself in everything. Not a real actor." Adding further, a user commented, "Idk maybe if I heard this from Meryl or Viola or someone who doesn’t play the same character in every movie, I would consider this thought but Jennifer Aniston…?"



However, some users felt the Friends star was just suggesting that with so many people finding fame online it makes it harder to stick out as an actor. One fan wrote Aniston was wishing performances were taken more seriously as an art, while another wrote that she was definitely not "shading influencers."



Who are Nancy Dow and John Aniston?

The 'Friends' actor comes from a family of renowned celebs. Her parents, Nancy Dow and John Aniston, were both actors and had appeared in several TV series and films. John was best known for his role in the TV soap opera 'Days of Our Lives.' He had also appeared in shows like 'Love of Life' and 'Gilmore Girls.'

On the other hand, Nancy Dow previously appeared in series like 'The Beverly Hillbillies' and 'The Wild Wild West.' She did not claim the same amount of fame as her daughter and husband. However, she was well known amongst the members of Hollywood.