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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape: How a disgruntled electrician leaked naked videos that made $77 million

The electrician, Rand Gauthier, who was fired and unpaid, planned to steal Tommy and Pamela’s safe
UPDATED DEC 16, 2020
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Getty Images)
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape was undeniably one of the most treasured celebrity artifacts from back in the day. Featuring the nudes of the tabloid favorites, the stolen tape of the 'Baywatch' star and 'Motley Crue' rocker from one of their famous vacations became the talk of the town when it made its way into the public sphere in 1996. 

The matter equally intrigues anyone to date and when asked about the same during her interview with Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live’, Pamela set the record straight saying, “That was not a sex tape. That was a compilation of vacations that we were naked on.”

Tommy Lee and actress Pamela Anderson (Getty Images)

Whether it was full-fledged porn or not, fans of both stars waited with bated breathe to get a peek of the couple making the whoopee, thanks to Pamela's double D-cupped blossoms and the rugged image of the rockstar, which had many drooling. But, more than the tape itself, what continues to amuse us is the art and amount of skills invested in obtaining it from celebrities’ safe inside their home. 

Pamela and Tommy, while getting their Malibu mansion renovated, fired a couple of employees, refusing to pay them for the work they had shoddily done. Rand Gauthier, who was working as an electrician, was one of the few unfortunate employees to have lost their jobs at the drummer and superstar’s house. However, he just couldn’t take it when Lee pointed a gun at him once asking the former to “get the fuck off my property”. A highly disturbed Gauthier, who had never had a gun pointed at him, wanted revenge and that’s what gave birth to his plan of stealing Lee and Pamela's safe. 

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson (Getty Images)

According to Rolling Stone, “Gauthier says he spent the entire summer of 1995 preparing for the heist, driving over to Lees' house several nights a week to sit and stare, waiting outside until three or four in the morning. Plotting. Stewing. ‘I took my time,’ Gauthier recalls. ‘I cased the joint’.”

“According to Gauthier, it was 3 am, and the Lees were at home, upstairs, asleep. He came in over the fence with the yak fur on his back and a U-Haul dolly trailing behind him. After disabling the security cameras, Gauthier claims to have gone upstairs and walked into the Lees’ bedroom,” it further states. 

Actress Pamela Anderson (L) and Tommy Lee (Getty Images)

Although, the electrician said he “leaned the whole dolly and safe against the gate and I get in the dirt and I wedge my legs underneath it and I bench up 500 pounds with my legs. It was hard”, Tommy wrote in his memoir, “must have removed the safe with a crane.”

The tape went viral in less than 12 months making an estimated $77 million from sales. What Gauthier thought would be an act of getting back at Tommy by tarnishing his image, turned out to be the opposite as people went on to call it “the greatest tape”.