Who is Jennifer Aniston lookalike breaking TikTok? Lisa Tranel hits 350K views in 48 hours

Who is Jennifer Aniston lookalike breaking TikTok? Lisa Tranel hits 350K views in 48 hours
Lisa Tranel and Jennifer Aniston (Instagram @she_plusthree/Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Celebrity lookalikes always find their way to stardom on social media. We have earlier seen doppelgangers of Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Styles, and others. Now, the latest celebrity lookalike to break the Internet is Jennifer Aniston’s doppelganger identified as Lisa Tranel.

Tranel, who goes by the user name of @she_plusthree on TikTok and Instagram, shares an uncanny resemblance with the ‘Friends’ star and the world got to see it when her TikTok video most recently went viral for all the right reasons. In the video, the single mom appears to be in her car while lip-syncing a popular scene of the A-lister’s character Rachel Green from the TV show ‘Friends.’ According to the Daily Mail, the viral video raked in 350K views in just 48 hours.
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Who is Jennifer Aniston’s lookalike?

The social media user caught the Internet's attention for her striking similarity  Hollywood icon. From her blonde hair to face cut and light blue eyes to distinctive nose and even the spot-on impression of Aniston as Rachel left many on TikTok in awe. Lisa Tranel is in her 30’s and is a complete fitness freak. She also has a son who has appeared in many of her Instagram posts. Interestingly, her bio on TikTok reads 'Not Jennifer Aniston.'

In the viral video shared on June 30, Aniston’s twin channels the star’s character Rachel and mimics a dialogue from ‘Friends’, “I want to quit. But then I think I should stick it out. Then, I think why would such a person stay in such a demeaning job just because it's remotely related to the field they are interested in,"  as reported by E! Online.  Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, she was most recently spotted in the reunion episode of ‘Friends’ aired on HBO Max with her co-stars Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc.


What did Jennifer Aniston’s doppelganger say on the newly-found stardom?

Lisa, who has now close to 10K followers on Instagram, took to her Instagram stories to share a screenshot of all the media coverage she has got. In another story, she funnily takes a dig at it saying- “What is happening.” In other stories, she then addressed her newly-found fame saying, “So last two days have been pretty crazy. I had a TikTok video which went viral because apparently everyone thinks I look like Jennifer Anniston.”

She continued, “It all kind of started as a joke and kinda blew up. For the record, I don’t really feel I look like Jennifer Anniston and my family doesn’t need that right now(laughs). But also, I got all these followers on my Instagram now so welcome to the show. It is not very exciting here but I love it.”


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