WayV's Ten and WinWin are Charlotte Tilbury's ambassadors, fans say 'booked and busy'

Ten and WinWin are currently in China for individual projects

                            WayV's Ten and WinWin are Charlotte Tilbury's ambassadors, fans say 'booked and busy'
WinWin and Ten are currently in China (WinWin/Weibo)

Fans were unhappy when it was reported that SM Entertainment had halted all of WayV’s activities for the month. Many speculated that it had something to do with China’s new entertainment laws and bans. However, that doesn’t seem to affect NCT’s Chinese sub-unit WayV. In fact, on October 11, it was announced that two of their members -- Ten and WinWin -- have been selected as ambassadors for beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury's Chinese line.

This is a part of the current activities for which the two K-pop idols are in China. Thai-born member Ten and Chinese member WinWin are the newest ambassadors of Charlotte Tilbury’s China Magic Beauty line. They are also the latest South Korean personalities to join the London-based beauty brand. Previously, ‘Nevertheless’ actress Han So-hee became the first South Korean muse for Charlotte Tilbury while they partnered up with Oh My Girl’s YooA for a photoshoot with Marie Claire’s October edition.

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Ten and WinWin selected as Charlotte Tilbury's ambassadors (@tenlee_1001, @wwiinn_7/Instagram)

WinWin and Ten in China

WinWin has been in China for quite some time. It was reported that he had also opened up a personal agency for his acting gigs in China. Additionally, it has been rumored that he has been cast in two Chinese fantasy dramas. The rest of WayV were supposed to join him in China in the last few weeks. However, that had been canceled. Other fans believe that it could also be due to Lucas’ dating scandals. But Ten has joined WinWin in China.


Fans were happy that the Chinese idol wasn’t alone anymore. In fact, the two were seen going on a movie date and shopping together last week. Ten and WinWin had also posted photos of them in a badminton court and fans wondered if they were together. YangYang, whose birthday was on October 10, confirmed in a live video that they were playing badminton and spending time together. WayZenNis (WayV’s fandom) think that there could be more projects in the pipeline with Ten and WinWin while they’re in China.

'Booked and busy'

WayV has been trending on Twitter as fans are excited about the group’s future ventures. They made tweets like, “Kun dj ten winwin schedule in china xiaohenyang coming soon on we became a family even though they are separated, i'm glad that wayv's booked and busy with their own work,” “It seems like tenwin playing badminton together in this place Smiling faceBadminton racquet and shuttlecock first, they had a movie night and went out together. just happy to know winwin is going out with ten these days after he stayed in china alone without his members for a long time,” and “NOT TEN N WINWIN BEING THE NEW AMBASSADORS FOR CHARLOTTE TILBURY I WANNA DIE THEY LOOK TF GOOOD.”




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