Lucas' fans demand SM clarify plans for idol after NCT 'Universe' comeback announced

K-pop group NCT, which performs with 23 members, announced a 'full group' comeback album, making fans wonder if Lucas will finally end his hiatus

                            Lucas' fans demand SM clarify plans for idol after NCT 'Universe' comeback announced
Fans are worried about Lucas' future standing in the K-pop group NCT (@lucas_xx444)

The K-pop group NCT's member, Lucas has been off the radar for awhile. He has been on hiatus ever since the gaslighting allegations. Even though the accusations were faked, as proved by his fans, NCT's label SM Entertainment did not feature him in the recently released 'Season's Greeting' merchandise. So now fans are taking the first step to reveal the truth about the NCT member by demanding answers from SM Entertainment. The label has yet to give their official statement about his future standing with the group, leaving fans worried as NCT gears up for a complete group comeback with all the members.

In case you haven't been following news about Lucas, here is what you need to know. Following the accusations from alleged victims of Lucas who came out with their stories about Lucas gaslighting and manipulating them while cheating on them with other alleged victims, fans took it upon themselves to do something about the situation. Fans came out with proof that was also posted online claiming that all the victim testimonies were reportedly “faked.” To prove their claims, fans had hired private investigators and used cyber security techniques in order to prove that the accusers were lying to drag Lucas down.


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What SM Entertainment is doing for Lucas?

As much as fans trust Lucas, they have lost hope in his label who has remained tight-lipped about the situation while fans have been bending over backward to prove that their idol was not in the wrong the entire time. SM Entertainment and Lucas had first come out with official statements announcing that he will be on an undefined hiatus as SM investigates the allegations against him. Lucas is also part of NCT's Chinese sub-unit WayV, and his much-anticipated collab with fellow WayV member Hendery, titled ‘Jalapeno,’ was halted.

Lucas is MIA and SM Entertainment also has released no further statements. No updates have been given to desperate but hopeful fans about the entire situation. SM Entertainment released the year-end season's greetings for all NCT subgroups but Lucas was not featured in any of the merchandise released. This exclusion made fans wonder if he had been removed quietly from NCT without any prior notice, making them furious at the label for not giving much attention to the artist.

With NCT making a complete group comeback with their third studio album, ‘Universe’, fans are curious about Lucas’ presence in the comeback. SM Entertainment and NCT made an official announcement on November 12 as they told fans about the upcoming album with the full-group but Lucas was not mentioned and there were no updates about the status of the investigation into his cheating scandal.


‘We demand a statement’

After the announcement about NCT's comeback, Lucas’ fans are demanding SM Entertainment talk about the progress of his scandal investigation considering they themselves have done half their job for them. One fan said, "WE DEMAND STATEMENT OF LUCAS
@SMTOWNGLOBAL @WayV_official That based on the investigation Lucas has been framed by someone, he is innocent, he is a good boy.
SM please give your confirmation about him." One more fan said, "@SMTOWNGLOBAL @WayV_official we demand a statement about Lucas." Another fan of Lucas said, "We Lucas fans believe that Lucas is innocent so please @SMTOWNGLOBAL, act professionally as a big company, take an action ASAP as you should."

One hopeful fan said, "We’re gonna take this as good news, lumis! Eventhough this statement doesn’t directly mention #LUCAS, but it gives us so much hope that they’re trying to help him out too. They’re aware of the emails & evidence we’ve all sent them so we’re positive we’ll get a better news soon." Another hopeful fan said, "LUCAS WILL BE THERE IN #NCT2021 I BELIEVE IN @SMTOWNGLOBAL #TAEYONG ALSO SAID THERE'LL BE 23 MEMBERS IN NCT2021 ..MAYBE THEY CAN ADD 2 MORE MEMBERS. WE'LL BE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU LUCAS."







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