NCT 2021 'Universe': Full group album revealed, fans wonder if it will be band of 28

SM has announced that all of the members of NCT will be getting together for their third comeback 'Universe'

                            NCT 2021 'Universe': Full group album revealed, fans wonder if it will be band of 28
All 23 members for NCT 2020 (@NCTsmtown/Twitter)

Buckle up because NCT 2021 is happening! NCT has one of the most unique group concepts as SM revealed that they formed it with the idea of having a group with infinite members as new members are added every few years. Most fans remember that NCT actually debuted with only six members before more were added. But unlike most groups, we don’t get the full group working and releasing new music together often. Instead, there are fixed sub-units like NCT 127, NCT Dream and WayV. But when the group does get together as a whole, fans are excited which is why they have been over the moon with the announcement of NCT 2021 ‘Universe’.

NCT’s last full group comeback was in late 2020 with ‘NCT Resonance’. Two new members, Sungchan and Shotaro were added with the boy group having a total of 23 members. And while we had a couple of songs with all 23 members, they were again divided into sub-units for different tracks on the album so that each NCT member would get a fair amount of line distribution and screen time. After the album promotions ended, the members all went back to their separate fixed sub-units and individual gigs.

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NCT's 'Universe' album poster (@NCTsmtown/Twitter)

NCT hints at 28 members

However, NCTzens love the multiple interactions we get from members of separate sub-units as well as the combining of different music styles. They also get content like variety shows, skits, performances and interviews with all of the members which they love as it gets chaotic. Well, fans don’t have to wait anymore as SM has announced that NCT will indeed be having a full group comeback in 2021 with the album ‘Universe’. Dubbed as NCT 2021, fans are excited for the group’s third full comeback.

With a mechanical concept, NCT released a poster that has gears and engine parts placed in different ways that have NCTzens wondering if they are hints at what to expect from NCT 2021. There are 28 screws on the poster which has fans wondering if they represent the members. And if anyone knows SM, they know that there will be hints for other things too like the number of sub-units and tracks which has Detectivezens racking their brains. But what we know for sure is that the album is titled ‘Universe’ and will be released on December 14.

I’m not ready but I’m ready

NCT 2021 is trending as fans are excited for the comeback. They made tweets like, “Dang. 5 new members possibly? If it’s 5 + the currently group-less Sungchan and Shotaro- that could be a 7 piece new fixed unit. Right?! I’m ready but I’m not ready but I’m ready.” Another NCTzen added, “Their logos are always expensive.” One fan pointed out, “So is this why they are obsessed in using the alien filter 'coz it is somewhat a spoiler for nct 2021?”

We also had Haechan trending as he is in two sub-units and commented that he wanted to become the idol with the most comebacks in a year. With Mark also being in the same two sub-units with Haechan, a fan made a reaction meme, “Mark and haechan going from gimme gimme to hot sauce to hello future to sticker to favorite to nct 2021.”

Some fans also wondered if the original 23 members will be present since we have Ten and Winwin busy with their individual gigs in China. As for Lucas, SM still hasn’t cleared up his dating scandal that has fans torn. But one NCTzen posted, “Manifesting lucas, ten, and winwin for nct 2021.”







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