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What time will 'American Idol' Season 21 Episode 5 air? Catch up on all the latest revelations

Catch up on all the recent developments on Season 21 of 'American Idol' and the contestants headed to Hollywood
'American Idol' Season 21 Episode 5 airdate was postponed because of the Oscars (ABC)
'American Idol' Season 21 Episode 5 airdate was postponed because of the Oscars (ABC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The latest season of the renowned singing competition, 'American Idol', has ushered in fresh singers brimming with talent. Season 21 of the show premiered on ABC on February 19, 2023, and since then, fans have been treated to four exhilarating rounds of auditions held across the country, with scores of aspiring singers showcasing their vocal abilities before the discerning judges' panel. This season, the highly-regarded panel of judges features the esteemed trio of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan, who are tasked with discovering the next musical act to wow America. Moreover, the seasoned and renowned media personality, Ryan Seacrest, has returned to host the show, bringing his signature wit, charm, and flair to the talent hunt.

The judges had the opportunity to evaluate participants from a diverse range of locations, including Nashville, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and numerous other cities, offering every contestant a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate their vocal prowess. To provide much-needed guidance and support to the competitors at different stages of the competition, a selection of idols from the previous season of 'American Idol' will appear as coaches on the program, lending their expertise and insights to the next generation of singers. In order to secure a coveted golden pass to Hollywood, each contestant must face off against their peers in the ultimate vocal showdown. As the anticipation for the next episode continues to mount, fans eagerly await the announcement of when the new episode of 'American Idol' will air on ABC.


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When time will 'American Idol' Season 21 Episode 5 be out?

After being postponed last week due to the highly anticipated Oscars ceremony, the eagerly awaited 'American Idol' episode will finally be hitting TV screens, much to the delight of viewers. Fans of the show can rejoice as they no longer have to wait to see judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan discover more talented vocalists, any one of whom could be the next 'American Idol'. The fifth episode of 'American Idol' Season 21 is set to grace our screens on Sunday, March 19 at 8 pm PT/ET, providing an exhilarating and action-packed evening of entertainment. In the previous episodes, the coveted Platinum Tickets have already been awarded to several gifted vocalists such as Tyson Venegas, Elijah McCormick, and Kaylin Hedges, cementing their position as early frontrunners. As the excitement mounts, fans are left wondering if the upcoming episode will see any new contestants getting the coveted Platinum Tickets that grant them a direct passage to Hollywood. Will a new wave of talented singers emerge and steal the hearts of the judges? Only time will tell, and viewers will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama. So, make sure to tune in this Sunday to witness the electrifying performances, emotional moments, and nail-biting suspense that 'American Idol' is famous for, and discover the next generation of musical stars.

What to expect from 'American Idol' Season 21 Episode 5?

Thirteen new constants will be featured auditioning for 'American Idol' Season 21 in Episode 5. Based on the video posted on the official Youtube channel of 'American Idol', it is evident that the judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan were blown away by Pjae's stunning audition. Pjae, who has always been afraid to look at himself in the mirror, stepped onto the stage and began to sing a soulful and heartfelt rendition of the classic song 'Mirror' by Madison Ryann Ward. Lionel was seen nodding his head in approval and closing his eyes to savor the moment, while Katy was seen mouthing the words to the song, seemingly mesmerized by Pjae's vocal abilities. Luke was equally impressed and could be seen swaying to Pjae's voice. Right after his performance, the judges stood up clapping and gave him a standing ovation and that made Phae cry. Pjae's mom, who accompanied him to the audition, was seen right outside the door, peeking in to see how his son performs. After the judges gave him a standing ovation, Pjae's mom could not hold back her tears of joy. She was also seen fangirling over Ryan Seacrest, the host of this beloved show, and complimenting him on his suits.

Turning to the other judges, Lionel exclaims that the 'kid can sing', and the other two were quick to agree. He also thanked Pjae for 'healing' them as they all agreed that he deserved to go to Hollywood. Luke points out that Pjae had an emotional connection to his music, something that was missing in the other contestants. Katy revealed that it is the first time she is feeling the chills so naturally on the show and that she cannot wait for Pjae to pull at the heartstrings of the audience when the real competition begins. Towards the end of the audition, judges exclaimed "You're going to Hollywood" in unison, which made Pjae very emotional. Overall, it is clear that Pjae's audition left a lasting impression on the judges, and they were all unanimous in their decision to send him to the next round of the competition. 

Meet the contestants for 'American Idol' Week 5

The highly anticipated Week 5 tryouts of Season 21 of 'American Idol' are just around the corner, and fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the special Auditions episode, which will air on ABC on Sunday, March 19. As the excitement mounts, let's take a closer look at the talented contestants who will be taking the stage and performing in front of the esteemed judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.


Meet PJAE, an incredibly talented singer and branding designer originally from Lawton, Oklahoma but now based in Oklahoma City. In his 'American Idol' audition, PJAE performed a stunning rendition of "Mirror" by Madison Ryann Ward, showcasing his impressive vocal range and emotional depth. PJAE's journey to musical success has not been an easy one. Growing up, he faced bullying and discrimination for his weight and flamboyant personality. However, music became his saving grace, providing him with the confidence and strength to pursue his dreams. Despite facing numerous obstacles, PJAE has persevered and overcome incredible challenges. He has lost an astounding 150 pounds, a testament to his dedication and hard work. Growing up in a military town, PJAE had the opportunity to meet and connect with people from all over the world, fostering a sense of community and empathy. With a recently released single "be that someone" in February 2023, PJAE's career is on the rise, and his audition on 'American Idol' has only cemented his status as a rising star in the music industry. His unique journey and incredible talent make him a standout contestant to watch on this season of 'American Idol'


Johnny Knox

Johnny Knox is a singer/songwriter originally from St. Louis, Alabama, currently residing in Southern California. His genre of choice is love songs, although he also enjoys writing pop, rock, and country music. Over the past year, he has gained a following on Instagram by writing birthday jingles for people, ranging from heartfelt to humorous depending on their requests. One of these jingles caught the attention of the producers of 'American Idol', and now he is a contestant in the current season. He finds great honor in celebrating people, even strangers, on their special day through his music. When not creating music, Johnny works on my motorcycle and dream of the day when he can finally ride it.


Kamron Lawson

Kamron Lawson, a native of West Virginia, will be featured on this week's episode of 'American Idol'. Lawson has been singing since he was a young child, around 13 years old. His family has a strong background in music and art, and they were instrumental in teaching him how to sing. Encouragement and support from his family and community in Beckley motivated him to audition for the show. He identifies his musical style as a combination of soul and R&B, with the ability to perform country as well. Interestingly, Lawson's passion for singing has led to some unexpected consequences in the past. He was once suspended from school in seventh grade for singing, and also nearly lost his job at Walmart for singing while on the job.

Kamron Lawson (ABC)
Kamron Lawson (ABC)

Tori Green

Tori Green is a 19-year-old currently attending Cal State San Marcos where she majors in biological sciences with a concentration in physiology. Despite her interest in science, Tori's true passion has always been singing, which she has been doing since she was 4 years old. Tori has been a part of her school's choir from the first grade up until her senior year of high school. She has also been involved in various theatre productions, winning numerous talent shows along the way. She has also had the opportunity to sing the national anthem at her high school's football and basketball games, as well as at a minor league baseball stadium. Additionally, Tori has also auditioned for shows such as 'AGT' and 'The Voice,' which she describes as an awesome experience. Tori hopes to keep music in her life forever.

Tori Green (ABC)
Tori Green (ABC)

Owen Eckhardt

Eckhardt, a 19-year-old from Broken Arrow, is a recent graduate of Edison High School and a current freshman at Oklahoma State University, where he is pursuing a career in veterinary science. Ahead of the upcoming episode of 'American Idol', promotional photos have been released that feature Eckhardt and some of the show's judges spending time with dogs. Eckhardt has been playing music for nearly as long as he has been caring for animals, having performed at various local festivals such as Mayfest. With hopes of leveraging his exposure from 'American Idol', Eckhardt intends to play gigs around town, especially as summer approaches. He is a self-taught piano and guitar player whose musical interests lean towards country music, with inspirations drawn from the likes of Chris Stapleton and Zach Bryan.


Mariah Faith

Mariah Faith Drocella is in her 20s from Baltimore, MD, and she now resides in Conway, SC, near Myrtle Beach. She has gained popularity through her TikTok account, which boasts over 47,000 followers and 1.4 million likes since 2020. However, her musical experience goes back further than that. In 2018, she performed at the Main Street Theatre in Conway as part of the 'Bringing Down the House' variety show. Mariah has had her fair share of struggles, including alcohol abuse after her father's passing. However, she has been sharing her journey to sobriety on social media and recently celebrated 10 months of being alcohol-free in December. Despite the challenges she has faced, Mariah remains committed to pursuing her passion for music and inspiring others with her story.


Ophrah Kablan

Ophrah Kablan, a 20-year-old alumna of Laurens District 55 High School, is set to audition for 'American Idol'. Kablan has been performing in Laurens since she was 8 years old, starting as a contestant in 'Laurens Jr. Idol' in 2011 and 2012. She later won 'Laurens Idol' and also performed in Gospel's Best when she was a 10-year-old student at Ford Elementary. Kablan enjoys singing gospel and R&B songs and has been an avid fan of 'American Idol' since she was just 2 years old. During her audition, she sang Aretha Franklin's 'Baby I Love You.'


Paige Anne

Paige Anne is a 16-year-old student at Idaho Falls High School who has been singing for as long as she can remember. She began performing in her hometown when she was around eight years old, and since then, her love for singing has only grown stronger. For her, the most rewarding part of singing is being able to connect with others through music. She credits her mother for being her biggest supporter. Paige has plenty of experience performing in front of large crowds. She has headlined national anthems at the Monster Energy SuperCross, Lucas Pro Oil MotorCross, Utah Jazz basketball games, Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games, and the Idaho State Fair. When she was only 12 years old, she became a featured singer in the country-rock cover band 'Almost Famous.' Paige is currently in the 10th grade and is excited to see what the future holds for her.


Kayleigh Clark

Kayleigh Clark's passion for music runs deep, and it's no secret that her heart beats to the rhythm of country tunes. Born and raised in Sumrall, Mississippi, Kayleigh has spent countless hours honing her vocal talents, belting out soulful melodies and captivating audiences with her powerful voice. As a small-town girl with big dreams, Kayleigh is determined to make a name for herself in the world of country music. With a voice that can move mountains and a spirit that knows no bounds, she is already making waves in the industry. When she's not on stage or in the recording studio, Kayleigh can be found exploring new horizons and embracing the joy of travel. And when she's back home in Mississippi, she's working alongside her father at the family's chicken houses and deer-processing business, a testament to her strong work ethic and commitment to her roots.


Carina Deangelo

As a rising star, Carina has amassed a massive following on social media, where she shares her music and other creative endeavors with fans around the world. Whether she's performing live or sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life, Carina never fails to engage her audience. In addition to her music career, Carina has also made a name for herself on the small screen. She first gained fame as a reality star on TLC's hit show 'sMothered,' where she showcased her close relationship with her mother. Carina then went on to try her luck on 'American Idol,' further cementing her status as a rising star in the entertainment industry. Despite her growing fame and success, Carina remains grounded and focused on her passion for music. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where she lives with her mother, who has been her biggest cheerleader throughout her journey. 


Warren Peay

Warren is a singer-songwriter hailing from South Carolina, who at a young age has already made a name for himself in the music industry. You may have heard of him as the lead singer of Colston Branch, a Christian band that garnered a lot of attention in the local scene. With his raspy and soulful voice, Warren joined the band as a teenager and was quickly introduced as their lead singer. Since then, he's remained a steadfast musician, performing worship music and creating his own original compositions. Beyond his passion for music, Warren is also an avid hunter, spending his free time in the great outdoors with friends and family. Despite his roots in Christian music, Warren's tastes are diverse, and he's not afraid to experiment with different genres. This has led him to branch out on his own as a solo acoustic artist, showcasing his talents and gaining a loyal following of over 10,000 fans on TikTok. 


Nailyah Serenity

Nailyah S. Gardner, from Charlotte, N.C., is a multi-talented artist and an astrologer, whose passion has earned her the title of 'Astrologer of the South.' But Nailyah's artistic flair doesn't end there. Her soulful voice and mesmerizing musical stylings can be heard on her TikTok and Instagram pages, where she shares captivating covers and original works. Drawing inspiration from some of the greatest female artists of all time, including Beyonce, Anita Baker, Jill Scott, Toni Braxton, and Erykah Badu, Nailyah infuses her own unique style into each and every performance, captivating audiences with her raw talent and emotional depth. With a lifelong passion for music and astrology, Nailyah is a true creative force to be reckoned with. 



Fire Willmore, the talented pop, soul, and R&B singer from Lawton, Okla, is also known as Dani Marie Wilmore. At just 23 years old, Fire has already made a name for herself on TikTok, where she shares her incredible voice and musical prowess with her followers. Fire became a single mother to her daughter Majaat at the young age of 18, but she has never let that hold her back from pursuing her dreams. She currently resides in Hampton, where she works for the Humane Society, and is a proud graduate of Junction City High School in Kansas. In addition to her impressive musical talents, Fire is also a former E-2 in the U.S. Army. Recently, Fire also announced that she has been accepted to her dream school, The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, further cementing her status as a rising star in the music industry.

Fire Willmore (ABC)
Fire Willmore (ABC)

What happened in 'American Idol' Season 21 Episode 4?

The following is a summary of the other Idol contestants who made it to Hollywood week 4:

Dany Epp, a 23-year old gymnastics coach from Suffern, New York, brought her mom, a self-professed superfan, to the audition. The judges invite her mom to join the panel if she promises to provide honest feedback. Dany sings Katy's song, 'The One That Got Away,' with pain and grit in her voice, which puts a smile on Katy's face as she begins to sing along. Dany's mom advises her to connect more with her eyes. Lionel agrees, telling Dany to believe in herself, while Luke calls her voice "real" and "emotional." The judges unanimously agree to send Dany to Hollywood.

Amara Valerio, a 20-year old college student from Yonkers, New York, shows the judges a video of her getting "Kanye'd" at her high school graduation where some girl stole the mic from her while she was singing the National Anthem. Amara sings 'Bust Your Windows' by Jazmine Sullivan, getting out some of that pent-up aggression she's been holding onto. The judges continued having fun with Amara's story throughout the audition and gave her a ticket to Hollywood anyway.

Savannah Christian, a 23-year old teacher from Darlington, South Carolina, was the first contestant to audition in the 'American Idol' metaverse. Savannah and the judges are all in virtual reality goggles through this audition, which adds a bit of fun, but unfortunately, her less-than-qualifying vocals don't impress the judges, and she doesn't make it to Hollywood.

Hannah Nicolaisen, a 23-year old recruiter from Houston, Texas, spent college playing competitive volleyball, putting her music dreams on the back burner until now. For her audition, Hannah sang 'Make You Feel My Love' by Bob Dylan. She has a gorgeous tone, which makes Katy's eyes bug out while Lionel smiles from ear to ear. "Well, you just spiked the ball in our faces," Katy says when it's over. "You did everything right to tell that story," Lionel adds. "Your unique voice is what we pray for in this business." Luke closes things out by saying that she is definitely born to sing. Hannah will be one to watch out for in Hollywood!

Reette Thorns, a 20-year-old college student from Madison, Wisconsin, dreamed of this moment as a little girl, but life was unstable due to her mother's struggle with addiction. She auditioned with 'I Believe' by Fantasia. When she finishes the song, she immediately breaks down in tears, and Lionel responds with a fatherly hug. He tells her the first note was "spot on" but the rest was nerves. Lionel says Reette touched him, but she needs a big dose of adrenaline. It wasn't a perfect audition, but the judges want to give this girl a chance. She's heading to Hollywood!

Tripp Taylor, an 18-year old college student from Florence, South Carolina, with a deep, baritone voice, is auditioning with 'I Believe to My Soul' by Ray Charles while playing piano himself. He's got a great, bluesy voice and looks like a star. Luke thinks he's "incredible," and Katy asks, "Lionel, are you sure he's not your son?" Tripp has the talent, the "it factor," and a phenomenal voice. Lionel calls his stage presence "strong" but warns him he's being thrown to the wolves. Tripp is headed to Hollywood!

In a chaotic audition, Rach Karma, a receptionist from Connecticut, belted out Dio's "Holy Diver," but it didn't impress the judges. Soon after, Colt Glover, a college student from Texas, captured everyone's attention with his rendition of "Rock Salt and Nails" by Flatt & Scruggs. Luke's ears perked up upon hearing Colt's country twang, and Katy proclaimed him the best country singer they had seen so far. With a prediction that he would make it to the Top 10, Katy gave Colt a vote of confidence.

Later in the evening, Cay Aliese, a 24-year-old mother from Tennessee, shared the heart-wrenching story of her late father Nolan Neal, who had a tumultuous career in music and had passed away from a drug overdose two months prior. Cay honored her father's legacy with an original song called 'City of Nashville,' which she performed for the judges. Although Katy was moved by Cay's story, she didn't connect with her performance as much. Luke praised Cay's unique sound but advised her not to hold back. Despite mixed reviews, the judges decided to give Cay a chance in Hollywood. The audition concluded, and the show will continue next week with another episode.

'American Idol' Season 21 Episode 5 will air on ABC on March 19, 2023.