'Put Lionel Richie out of job': Olivia Soli's take on 'Hello' leaves 'American Idol' 2023 judges speechless

'Put Lionel Richie out of job': Olivia Soli's take on 'Hello' leaves 'American Idol' 2023 judges speechless
'American Idol' Season 21 contestant Olivia Soli impressed judges with her powerful performance (Youtube/American Idol)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'American Idol' is back for another season on ABC. With 2 weeks of auditions already behind us, viewers have been on an emotional rollercoaster with judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry. Some amazingly talented young talent had left their marks in the hearts of the viewers as well as the judges.


During previous auditions saw young singers like Kaylin hedges. Iam Tongi, Nutsa advanced to Hollywood. One artist who took the stage by storm in week 3 auditions is Olivia Soli. She was brave enough to sing Lionel Richie's iconic song 'Hello' and even put her own spin on it. The judges were left in awe after her performance and viewers also fell in love with the artist's voice.


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Lionel Richie impressed with Olivia Soli's take on his song 'Hello'

Olivia decided to put her own take on the song and this decision worked in her favor. Lionel was really impressed by her vocal range and loved the fact that she made it her "own song." Olivia received a standing ovation from Lionel and he even expressed his desire to be the first one to rush the artist into her long career, which she will have in the future. Lionel said, "When people say we will sing your song, please don't sing it like us. Own it, take it, and turn it into your song and you did it with perfection. Yes, it's my song, I wrote it I sang it but now it's your song, and now I know you as an artist. Best so far in the audition."

Luke shared Lionel's opinion and agreed, "I thought it was tremendous. This was a really strong audition, one of the best I have seen so far." Katy further added, "You're going to put Lionel out of a job girl, you came for him, you really did. You have a tremendous voice and so many incredible runs." So, it's a yes for Olivia from all three judges, she's "going to Hollywood."


'American Idol' Season 21 Olivia Soli's redention of 'Hello' (youtube/American Idol)
'American Idol' Season 21 contestant Olivia Soli (youtube/American Idol)

'American Idol' fans believe Olivia Soli 'deserved' a Platinum Ticket

Olivia did not only impress the judges with her take on 'Hello' but she left a lasting impression on the 'American Idol' viewers too. While it was Elijha McCormick, who won the first fan-voted Platinum ticket and touched everyone's heart with his heart-wrenching story and incredible voice, viewers think Olivia is a strong competition. One fan said, "She deserves that platinum ticket." Another one added, "She felt this in her soul. Some nice little quick riffs and a beautifully clear tone. She also changed up the melody nicely and found places to increase the range."


One more said, "Holy Moly WOW!!! She so deserves the Platinum Ticket. Olivia will be in the Top ten. She was purely soulful and Amazing. This young lady has put in a lot of work and takes her singing career seriously. You can tell it's her passion for real. I can't wait to see what she will sing for us this season."

Olivia's voice stood out for the viewers and many agree with the judges that she might be the best audition they have heard so far as one fan commented, "My favorite vocalist so far this season. This was one of the few "wow" performances I've heard in several years. Wow!" Another said, "Olivia Soli took a chance on modernizing a classic with layers of runs, pauses, and octaves that placed her personal stamp on the song. Bravo!"


One more added, "Damn it, girl!!! She has some Pipes! That was powerful and so beautifully done. I got chills. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! You're going to Hollywood girl. Perfect song choice. She is top 5 I think! She's going all the way in this season."

'American Idol' Season 21 airs every Sunday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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 'American Idol' 2023: Oliva Soli's take on Lionel Richie's 'Hello' leaves judges speechless